NRC Public Meeting Schedule

on increasing the number of tritium producing burnable absorber rods

Meeting Details


    The purpose of this informational meeting between the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is to discuss a proposed license amendment request to increase the number of tritium producing burnable absorber rods beyond what is currently allowed in the reactors at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2.
Meeting Feedback

Meeting Dates and Times
    9:00AM - 12:00PM ET

Meeting Location
    NRC One White Flint North
    11555 Rockville Pike
    Rockville MD
    Kimberly Green
    (301) 415-1627

    Perry Buckberg
    (301) 415-1383

Participation Level
NRC Participants
    Kimberly Green, NRC Staff
    Perry Buckberg, NRC Staff
    Bill Rautzen, NRC Staff
    Jeff Rikhoff, NRC Staff
    On Yee, NRC Staff
    Emma Haywood, NRC Staff
    Summer Sun, NRC Staff
    Hanry Wagage, NRC Staff
    Matthew Hamm, NRC Staff
External Participants
    Dan Rokusek, Sargent and Lundy
    Kyle Wilhelm, US Department of Energy
    Mark Burzynski, Tennessee Valley Authority
    Robert Montgomery, Pacific Northwest National Lab
    Robert Oelrich, Pacific Northwest National Lab
    Robert Young, Sargent and Lundy
    Russ Wells, Tennessee Valley Authority
Docket Numbers - Facility Names
    05000390 - Watts Bar 1
    05000391 - Watts Bar 2
Related Documents
    ML23044A101 - 02/22/2023 Meeting with Tennessee Valley Authority Regarding Proposed License Amendment Request for Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2, to Increase the Allowable Number of Tritium Producing Burnable Absorber Rods

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    Passcode: 5263397
    Conference ID:
    Interested members of the public can participate in the meeting in person or by phone. The room location and phone number are listed above. For additional details, please call the NRC meeting contact listed on the NRC Public Meeting Schedule.




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