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Biomass Letter to the Biden Administration

 On September 9th,  we sent the final biomass letter to the Biden Administration with 96 organizations signed on! We are so thankful for all organizations’ support for these efforts and we hope that this is just the first step in a more direct engagement with the Biden Administration about the harmful environmental justice and climate impacts of this industry. To take a look at a PDF of the letter, with all of the organizational signatures, please click on "Letter to the President" below.

Letter to the President

Biomass Petition

We want to let you all know about a petition that SELC recently launched to tell President Biden that biomass energy is not clean energy. Unlike the Biden letter, which was an opportunity for organizations to speak out about issues with the biomass industry, this petition allows individuals to express their concerns.

If you haven’t already, please sign the petition here:

We’d also appreciate it if you’d share the petition widely with your organization’s members or with family and friends. I’ve attached a document with some example social media posts that you can copy or adapt.

For more information about how to spread this petition to best fit your Environmental Justice fight, check out our social media toolkit!

Social Media Toolkit for NGO Partners