Discussing Deep(er) Ecology (10/4: 7pm ET)

We’ll explore a powerful conversation on the purpose of ecology had by William Rees, Rex Weyler, Nora Bateson, and Nate Hagens, on Hagen’s podcast, The Great Simplification. Please listen before joining as it’s filled with deep ecological wisdom. The discussion will be led by Anne Burke on Zoom. 

Congratulations to Bob Guild, who very deservedly won the Special Service Award at the 2020 Sierra Club National's Annual Award Ceremony!




Thank you for attending our 11th Annual Awards Ceremony. The 2021 Ceremony has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions this year.


Thank you again to our environmental supporters and legislators who were awarded for their dedication to conservation. Pictured here with Executive Committee Chair Ben Mack, left to right, Representative Micah Caskey- State Elected Official of the Year (House), Conservationist of the Year Award recipient- United States Representative Joe Cunningham, Environmental Advocate Award Recipient- Representative (Judge) Gary Clary, State Elected Official of the Year (Senate)- Senator Tom Davis, Distinguished Service Award Recipient- Dr. Dan Warner, Student Environmental Award Recipient-, Anna Parham (AC), Silent Footprinter Award Recipient- Lawrence Moore, Palmetto Pathfinder Award Recipient- Amanda Laurent, and the Joe Neal Enivronmental Justice Award Recipient- Loretta Slater. Susan Corbett (not pictured) also received the Carolina Sierran Award.


Special thanks to our sponors: CCL, CVSC, SCELP, Frank & Jane Powell, and Norm & Linda Sharp