About Us

Statement of Purpose: To explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the Earth; to practice and promote responsible use of the Earth’s ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

Chapter Bylaws are available for review here (PDF).

Contact us: Due to a high volume of phishing scams, individual emails have been removed from the website. If there are any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please send an email to sierraclub.wv@gmail.com or send us a message on the WV Sierra Club Facebook!


Chapter Leadership

Chapter Executive Committee (term ends at first ExCom meeting of the indicated year):
Email contact for all officers and staff: sierraclub.wv@gmail.com
Chair: Jim Kotcon ('24)
Vice Chair: Robert Griffith ('24)
Chrissy Sandy ('25)
David Sturm ('25)
Kevin Campbell, CCL Delegate ('25)
Aileen Curfman ('25)
Other Chapter Leaders:
Newsletters & Outings: Chris Craig
Conservation: Aileen Curfman
Public Lands & Membership Engagement: Mel Waggy
Webmaster & Political: 
Historian/Archivist: Kathy Gregg
WVEC Representative: Kevin Campbell
Regional Sierra Club Organizing Staff:
East Region Senior Organizing Manager: Bill Price, 304-389-8822, bill.price[at]sierraclub.org
Senior Campaign Representative: Karan May, 304-356-8774, karan.ireland[at]sierraclub.org
Senior Organizer, Beyond Dirty Fuels/Beyond Coal: Alex Cole, 304-767-8687, alex.cole[at]sierraclub.org


Eastern Panhandle Group Executive Committee:

Co-Chair & Outings: Chris Craig ('24)
Co-Chair & Treasurer: Aileen Curfman (’24)
Webmaster: Roz Eiler (’25)
Secretary & Chapter Delegate: Maggie Loudon (’25) 
Conservation: Gerald Hatcher (’24)
Membership: Pam McLellan ('25)
Member: Regina Hendrix ('25)

The Monongahela Group

The Monongahela (“Mon”) Group of the West Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club includes members from five counties – Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston, and Taylor. We work to increase awareness of environmental issues and opportunities for active participation in our area. This could involve helping with an event or group function, holding volunteer office, joining and leading outings, or becoming an activist and lobbying for change. We welcome everyone with an interest in the environment.

Mon Group Executive Committee:

Chair & Outings: Adrienne Epley Brown (’25)adrienne_epley@yahoo.com
Vice-Chair & Chapter Delegate: Michael Attfield (’22)attfield@comcast.net
Political: James Lamp ('24)
Treasurer: Sally Wilts ('25), 304-379-7567 • sallywilts@yahoo.com
Secretary & Membership: Betsy Lawson (’24), 304-983-2980  - bjaegerart@gmail.com
Conservation Chair: Beth Rota (’25), 573-999-5926 • beth.rota@gmail.com
Member: Jim Kotcon (’22), 304-594-3322 • jkotcon@gmail.com

The WVU Sierra Student Coalition

The WVU Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) aims to protect the environment through sharing our knowledge on legislation, proposed projects, and activism opportunities. Activities include writing to our representatives, protesting, and informational campaigns across campus. SSC is a very active organization in other aspects as well: We can be found on our websiteTwitterFacebook, and, of course, outside! Outings are planned and organized during weekly meetings and can vary from trips to the state Capitol, an environmental conference such as Power Shift, or a hike at Cooper’s Rock. We are an official branch of the National Sierra Student Coalition and are affiliated with the Sierra Club. We actively participate in activities sponsored by our parent organization and often share educational materials provided by the group.

WVU Sierra Student Coalition
President: James Lamp ('25), 304-244-9257
Faculty Advisor: Jim Kotcon, 304-594-3322