sgpeak hike

Come hike with us and enjoy the beautiful mountains of Southern California.

Every Wednesday of the year we have a hike scheduled. Our hikes can be moderate to somewhat strenuous. Much of the hiking is on trail but at times we go off trail over steep terrain. The emphasis of our hikes is to have fun in a congenial atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. Our leaders have extensive knowledge of the San Gabriel mountain trails and will accomodate the needs of hikers of all abilities.

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Rideshare Meeting Points: We usually meet at 9 am at the La Canada Rideshare Pt.-Angeles Crest Hwy (Hwy 2), just N of Foothill Fwy (I-210). Park on Angeles Crest Hwy only.


historic photo
The Local Walks Committee was created in 1911, with Phil Bernays as its Chair, immediately after the creation of the Southern California Chapter and the selection of its first Executive Committee. Originally, all the chapter outings were conducted by the Local Walks Committee, as there were no Groups or special activity Sections. The Local Walks Committee has been a continuous entity since that time, eventually changing its name to the Local Hikes Committee.
Date Event More Information
Wed, 06/03/2015 Throop and Hawkins
8:30 AM

West Waterman Flower Hike

Mt Baden-Powell

Mt Burnham from Dawson Saddle

South Hawkins Lookout and Middle Hawkins

Hoegee Trail Camp Loop from Chantry Flats

Sulfur Springs to Mt Hillyer

Throop and Hawkins

Waterman (a different route)

Mt Islip from Islip Saddle

Mt Williamson

Big Horn Peak-Cucamonga Wilderness

Mt Williamson Loop

Switzer to Bear Canyon Trail Camp and Switzer Falls

CANCELLED Switzer Falls

Mt Lady Waterman

Islip and Hawkins

Mr and Ms Waterman

Eaton Saddle to Valley Forge Campground to Red Box

Mt Waterman Loop

Mt Williamson

Josephine Peak

Big Pines to Vincent Gap

San Gabriel and Lowe shuttle

CANCELLED Baldy Ski Hut from Manker Flat

Beaudry Loop

Strawberry Meadow from Red Box

Bridge to Nowhere

Tribute to Southern Courtney and Al Martin

Cahuenga Peak and Mount Lee: Multiple Holiday Celebration

CANCELLED Hoegee's Camp from Chantry Flats

Placerita Canyon to Wilson Saddle

Zion Loop from Chantry Flats


Josephine Peak by Colby Canyon Trail

Iron Mountain #3

CANCELLED Lake Avenue to Inspiration Point

Winston Peak and Winston Ridge

Wilson Trail to Orchard Camp

Switzer's to Red Box

Rocky Peak via Hummingbird Trail

Red Box to Strawberry Potrero

Gold Creek to Oak Spring

South Hawkins from Crystal Lake

Mt Waterman

Winston Peak and Winston Ridge

West Waterman to 'Tiki' Rock

Throop and Hawkins

Mt Williamson

Local Hikes Annual Reunion Picnic and Hikes at Chilao Flats

Shortcut Saddle to Charlton Flat via Silver Moccasin Trail.

Throop and Hawkins