Welcome to the Susquehanna Group

Please join us at one of our outings, meetings, or events. Our monthly meetings are held on the Third Tuesday of the month—except July & August at 7:30 pm at the Central United Methodist Church, 17 Nanticoke Ave, Endicott, NY.  We sponsor activities to inform Sierra Club members and the general public about local, regional, state, and national environmental issues.  The Susquehanna Group covers Broome, Chenango, and Delaware counties, as well as parts of Tioga and Otsego counties, in New York State.

Our next meeting is May 19 and Trebbe Johnson will be making a presentation on "GROUNDING IN THE PRESENT WHILE WORKING FOR THE FUTURE"

As environmentalists and educators struggle to address grave ecological problems that face us now and threaten to challenge us even more severely in the future, we are also forced to re-examine our ongoing relationships with the places where we live and that we love.  The Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht has coined a term, “solastalgia,” meaning the pain people feel when their home environment is under assault. In an effort to cope with the distress of solastalgia, some people try to ignore obvious incursions into their lives of deforestation, water pollution, diminishing plant and animal species, and the looming entity of global warming. Others become so engaged in fighting for change that they lose all sense of pleasure and meaning in what’s still around them.

Incorporating into our acknowledgement of ecological reality a few simple observances and practices for becoming regrounded in where we are can be beneficial in many ways. They can make these painful realities easier to bear, bring new meaning to places that are no longer what we wish they were, affirm the deep and ongoing relationship that people have with loved places, and embolden us to expand the ways in which we act as environmentalists.

"It's Our Right to Know!": Join us in Albany to Rally for GMO Labeling

Visit  http://act.foodandwaterwatch.org/site/Calendar?view=Detail&id=116981 Order tickets for the bus leaving Binghamton
The GMO industry and food manufacturers want to keep us in the dark about which foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but we have a chance to make them disclose this information by labeling the foods we eat and drink. Join us on Tuesday, April 28th for a rally to tell our elected officials: we want to know what is in our food; we want GMO labeling!  Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1538657173089817/ to learn more about the event and to get information on the buses coming to the rally from around NYS.

Get Active!
There are a variety of ways to get involved (contact or meet with elected officials, go on an outing, write a letter to the editor, attend a community meeting, talk with your neighbors, etc) and a wide diversity of issues to work on (fracking, agriculture, energy, translation, water protection, and so much more)-- so get active now!

Water Monitoring Volunteers Needed
Concerned Citizens from around New York State are engaging in a campaign to record basline water quality information for local streams. For more information, visit http://nywatersentinels.org .