We represent Manatee and Sarasota Counties on the Florida Gulf Coast.  We are dedicated to enjoying our environment and preserving it for future generations.

PACtion! A Call for Candidates

In the last election cycle, 75% of Floridians voted for Amendment 1 and the values of land preservation, environmental quality, wildlife habitat, and clean water. Yet those same voters re-elected Rick Scott and a full slate of pro-development county commissioners into both Manatee and Sarasota counties. Were these same voters only familiar with the well-funded, dark-monied, pro-development candidates? Perhaps those were the only names on the ballot those well-intended voters recognized!
Sierra Club's well-established, all volunteer public interest PAC has the capacity to change the political landscape by publicly endorsing strong, pro-environment candidates and highlighting the voting recods of those who have been consistently anti-environment. The PAC is calling for candidates of any political party who believe in fighting for environmental quality. Local races, such as County Commission and, in Sarasota, the Charter Review Boards, often have a greater impact on the regional environment than statewide or federal offices. Almost universally bad for the environment in recent years, it is a trend that must be stopped.
We need movtivated, principled candidates to begin taking our counties back from developers. If you are outraged at the way phosphate mines are permitted to gobble up agricultural land and wetlands in Manatee County, or the way conservation lands are being de facto privatized in Sarasota County, run for office. We cannot guarantee an endorsement. That has to be earned. But we can offer advice and answer questions about the political process at the local level, and we won't sugar-coat the pill.