The Placer Group, as part of the Mother Lode Chapter in California, covers Placer County and its incorporated areas west of the Sierra divide. Join our all-volunteer organization to assist with conservation issues and “Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet!” Contact information is included in our newsletter links below.
 Notices, Notes, and New Events:

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2016 Sierra Club Calendars now "ON SALE"!  The gorgeous 2016 Sierra Club calendars with large blocks for your appointments are now on sale at greatly reduced prices.  See "Winter 2016" newlseter below (page 3) for discount rates.  Tax is included.  Contact Marilyn at to make arrangements for purchase.  

Newsletter Now Online:  Check out our Winter 2016 Newsletter (see link below--near bottom of this web page) and read what the Placer Group has been up to, and, most importantly, how YOU can help.

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Important Event: 

Who: Otis Wollan, American River Watershed Institute, and Nick Wilcox, NID Director
What: Discussion - Centennial Reservoir Project and Sustainable Water Management
Where: Sierra College Multipurpose Center, 250 Sierra College Dr. Grass Valley
When: Tuesday February 9th at 6:30 to 7:30 pm; refreshments at 6:00 pm
The event is free and open to the public--read more here.
Special Alert
Squaw Valley development:  Now is the time to let the Placer County Board of Supervisors know how you feel about development proposed in Squaw Valley.  The County expects to finish their final environmental review this spring and, then, make decisions that will decide the future of Squaw Valley and the Tahoe-Truckee region this summer.  Sierra Watch has made it easy for you to email them with your own personal message – just click here.
What’s at stake:  KSL Capital Partners proposes development in Squaw Valley of a size, scale, and scope the Tahoe Sierra has never seen:
  • A massive indoor water-park ten stories tall and as wide as a Walmart.
  • Acres of new high-rise condos and hotels, many 100’ tall, that would dwarf the existing village, block mountain views, and cover the entire parking lot with buildings and garages. 
  • Timeshare mansions in the mouth of Shirley Canyon.
  • 1500 new bedrooms and 200,000 square feet of new commercial space.
All told, the development would be so big it would take 25 years to build − 25 years of construction, noise, and gridlocked traffic, as well as potential strain on local water supplies and an undermining of regional plans to combat climate change.
Alert:  California now has an established gray wolf pack--the "Shasta Pack"!  For updates on this amazing development, visit:
     The CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife has released a flyer regarding three upcoming Wolf Plan Workshops.  The nearest to the Placer Group is in Sacramento on February 1.  See flyer    Submitted written comments must be received by February 15, 2016.  For more information on the plan and to submit, visit: .
Worth a Watch:  Earthjustice is promoting a short (2 min, 15 sec), animated film, "The Fable of the Wolf," which is meant to be a parable about the relationship between wolves and people, but told from the wolf's perspective.  It starts when wolves and people coexisted and moves to where people began to fear and then exterminate wolves.  Watch it at or on YouTube.  

Worth a ReadSave the Planet: One forkful at a time.  Adopting a plant-based diet is the simplest and cheapest way to combat global warming, reduce water pollution and even save the rainforests.  Read more at   


 Explore the Planet—especially your own “backyard”! 
        We in Placer County have been gifted with many miles of beautiful, peaceful, educational, and delightful trail “get aways.”  Drive carefully....

 Geese on Placer Co rural road

What is the "Executive Committee" of the Placer Group Sierra Club?
NEXT Placer Group ExCom meetings--for members:  Wednesday, Feb 3, March 2; April 6, and May 4.
              It is the elected six-member committee that votes on Placer Group issues. You, as a Sierra Club member, are welcome to attend Placer Group Member Meetings (aka “ExCom”), usually held on the first Wednesday of each month, currently at Denny’s at 1800 Auburn Ravine Rd in Auburn at 7 pm. Even if you cannot vote, as a Placer Group Sierra Club member your opinion is welcome and appreciated. Contact Marilyn for more info and/or to confirm meetings times and location.

Executive Committee
          Breaking News:  For 2016, the newly elected members of the Placer Group ExCom are:  Chair: Carol Love; Vice Chair: Michael Garabedian; Treasurer: Tony Rakocija; Secretary: Marilyn Jasper.  Thanks to these folks for volunteering and advocating to protect our Placer County environment and natural resources.  Other ExCom members whose volunteer work is greatly appreciated are Casey Mills and Tom Beattie. 
       Other Committee Chairs: Public Lands/Transportation: Terry Davis; Solid Waste Issues: Sue Stack; Webmaster and Co-Conservation: Marilyn Jasper; Agriculture: Sean Booth; outings and Energy & Genetic Engineering: Carroll Nast; Wildland Urban Interface: Michael Garabedian; Newsletter: Christiane Raymond; [Your name here to take the lead on envirnmental issues that are dear to your heart?]

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Placer Group's Newsletter: THE CONSERVATIONIST
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As the Sierra Club’s founder said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”  

Can you guess where this photo below was taken from?  Hint:  Less than five miles from Auburn, CA, looking north easterly....

Less than five miles from Auburn   

Enjoy Placer Group's "backyards" and help us protect them!