The Placer Group, as part of the Mother Lode Chapter in California, covers Placer County and its incorporated areas west of the Sierra divide. Join our all-volunteer organization to assist with conservation issues and “Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet!” Contact information is included in our newsletter link below.

 Notices, Notes, and New Events:

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They're HERE!  The gorgeous 2016 Sierra Club calendars have arrived, and the prices have not changed.  We hope to sell out ASAP, so don't delay in ordering yours.  12 month wall:  $15;  Engagement—52 week:  $16 – tax is included.  Use the order blank below or contact Marilyn at . 
         2016 Calendar Order Form
Newsletter Now Online:  Check out our Fall 2015 Newsletter (see link below--near bottom of this web page) and read what the Placer Group has been up to, and, most importantly, how YOU can help.
November 4 and December 2:  Placer Group's "Member/Exec Comm Meetings" at Denny's on Auburn Ravine Rd--west side of I-80 at the Foresthill exit.  Check this website for last minute changes to location. 
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Alert:  California now has an established gray wolf pack--the "Shasta Pack"!  For updates on this amazing development, visit:
Worth a Watch:  Earthjustice is promoting a short (2 min, 15 sec), animated film, "The Fable of the Wolf," which is meant to be a parable about the relationship between wolves and people, but told from the wolf's perspective.  It starts when wolves and people coexisted and moves to where people began to fear and then exterminate wolves.  Watch it at or on YouTube.  

If you’re fascinated with and love wildlife
                “Live” websites with multiple webcams are mesmerizing.  From bears in Alaska catching migrating fish as they jump over falls, to hummingbirds, puffins, and other sea mammals, these live web cameras can endear an appreciation of wildlife.  Go to and click on any image that says, “LIVE NOW”  or other images of interest.
Two notes:  On the Hummingbird web cam site, if you scroll down quite a bit to “Bella Hummingbird Live Chat with Terry Masear,” you can hear a remarkable Q&A audio (from June 26) with expert Terry Masear as she discusses awesome, little-known facts about hummingbirds. 
Warning:  Some live cams may keep you glued to the monitor, put you way behind in your chores, and leave many “to do” jobs undone!

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Help our environment, your energy bill, your pocketbook, and both the Placer Group and Mother Lode Chapter:
Go Solar 2015
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 Explore the Planet—especially your own “backyard”! 
        We in Placer County have been gifted with many miles of beautiful, peaceful, educational, and delightful trail “get aways.” 
The scene below is along the Middle Fork of the American River.

 Brownie enjoys the view

As the Sierra Club’s founder said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”   

Can you guess where this photo below was taken from?  Hint:  Less than five miles from Auburn, CA....

Less than five miles from Auburn   

Enjoy Placer Group's "backyard" and help us protect them!

What is the "Executive Committee" of the Placer Group Sierra Club? 
              It is the elected six-member committee that votes on Placer Group issues. You, as a Sierra Club member, are welcome to attend Placer Group Member Meetings (aka “ExCom”), usually held on the first Wednesday of each month, currently at Denny’s at 1800 Auburn Ravine Rd in Auburn at 7 pm. Even if you cannot vote, as a member your opinion is welcome and appreciated. Contact Marilyn for more info and/or to confirm meetings.

Executive Committee
          Co-Chairs: Marilyn Jasper & Michael Garabedian; Vice Chair: Open; Secretary: Carol Love; Treasurer: Tony Rakocija; ExCom Members: Tom Beattie and Casey Mills
Other Committee Functions
           Newsletter: Christiane Raymond; Public Lands/Transportation: Terry Davis; Solid Waste Issues: Sue Stack; Webmaster: Marilyn Jasper; Agriculture: Sean Booth; Energy & Genetic Engineering: Carroll Nast; Wildland Urban Interface: Michael Garabedian
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Placer Group's Newsletter: THE CONSERVATIONIST

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