Green Your Bedroom: Our Eco-Sex Guide

Condoms and sex toys contribute to the huge pile of junk in landfills and oceans. So yes, you can make a difference while having sex. We asked Jessica VonDyke, owner of The Garden, a sexuality resource center and soon-to-be sex shop, to share her tips for a greener sex life.

Leaf sex toy

Sex Toys

Leaf's phthalate-free Life vibrator is 100% silicone. VonDyke suggests sex toys that are 100% silicone because blends can contain plastic fibers. An easy way to check is to open the box -- if there is no smell coming from the vibrator, the product is probably 100% silicon. VonDyke also recommends splurging on the more expensive sex toys. The higher the quality, the longer they last, and the more care was taken to make them healthy for you and the environment. The Life vibrator comes with a rechargeable battery, which lasts over two hours.

Price: $95


There are many vegan-friendly condoms on the market, but Glyde revolutionized the ethical and vegan condom industry more than 20 years ago. Glyde's patented plant-based formula substitutes thistle extract for animal casein. The Fair Trade condoms are double-dipped for durability that exceeds FDA standards (a manufacturing process that is also patented). Furthermore, these condoms do not contain glycerin or parabens. Glyde condoms are available in three different sizes and a variety of flavors.

Price: $7-16, depending on the quantity

'Yes' green lube


Yes has the only certified organic line of personal lubricants. This water-based product has no hidden chemicals and is not tested on animals. Beyond the eco-benefits, this product is especially good for your health since it's free of mucous irritants such as glycerin and parabens -- in fact, it's recommended by nurses to breast cancer patients because it works so well for sensitive skin. VonDyke recommends water-based lubricants because some women have allergies to oil-based products. 

Price: $7-$24, depending on the bottle size

Recommended Reading 

Looking for more tips on how to make your love life more eco-friendly? Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable (Ten Speed Press, 2010), written by sex and women's expert Stefanie Iris Weiss, highlights why you should go green in bed, offers sex tips, recommends eco-lingerie, and shares theories about sustainable aphrodisiacs and natural Viagra.

Price: $15


Images courtesy of Leaf and Yes 

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