The Overstory: That's the word ecologists use to describe the canopy of a forest. There’s a riot of life above us, but usually we’re so focused on what’s right in front that we forget to look up. Season One took us from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the wilds of Patagonia. Season Two will continue to explore the world with changemakers and storytellers who offer different perspectives of the natural world.

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Season 2

Season 2: Episode 6            
The The Future is Bright            
After a horrible year, we imagine a brighter, better future with an all-star roster of activists and authors. Melissa Nelson of The Cultural Conservancy discusses what it will take to Indigenize the conservation movement, Black urbanist Kristen Jeffers envisions a new kind of city, Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement offers her take on youth activism, and the Sierra Club's director of campaigns, Mary Anne Hitt, tells us what a clean energy future can be like.
Season 2: Episode 5            
The End of Oil Is Near            
After a summer break, we're back with a new episode. We'll discuss why COVID might mean the end of the oil and gas industry, what it's like to fight the wildfires in Oregon, and how to recycle old underwear and socks.
Season 2: Episode 4            
The Movement for Black Lives Saves the Planet            
In this episode of the The Overstory we talk with some of the people who are coping with the pandemic by getting closer -- much closer -- to the earth and growing vegetables.
Season 2: Episode 3            
Resistance is Fertile            
In this episode of the The Overstory we explore the connections between systemic racism and environmental destruction.
Season 2: Episode 2            
Getting Out into Nature (Safely) Amid the Pandemic            
In this episode of theThe Overstory we explore what going outside, safely, during a pandemic. We discuss growing our own for and shopping smart, tips for social distancing outdoors, and the response from our National Park Service.
Season 2: Episode 1            
Earth Day in the Time of a Pandemic            
The first episode of The Overstory's second season was originally intended as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. As the pandemic unfolded, we pivoted to consider what social activism will look like in this season of social distancing.

Season 1

Season 1: Episode 9            
Birding for Change            
We go birding with Jason Ward, an impassioned birder in Atlanta, Georgia whose enthusiasm and social media savvy is helping to attract younger and more ethnically diverse groups of people into the world of bird-watching.
Season 1: Episode 8            
Rewilding Patagonia            
We take you to the far reaches of Chilean Patagonia, where US philanthropist Kris Tompkins has overseen the largest act of wildlands philanthropy in history.
Season 1: Episode 7            
The Climate Strike            
A dispatch from the historic climate strike, in which we follow youth climate organizer Daphne Frias while she navigates the New York City march from her wheelchair.
Season 1: Episode 6            
We take a trip to Miami's "Little Haiti" neighborhood, which is grappling with "climate gentrification" as rising sea levels and sunny day flooding make the city's high elevation districts attractive to developers.
Season 1: Episode 5            
We talk with author-activist Paul Hawken about his new book, Drawdown, and why he thinks that global warming may be a blessing instead of a curse.
Season 1: Episode 4            
The Mighty Mississippi            
Writer Boyce Upholt finds adventure—and a new sense of self—during a harrowing paddling trip on the Mississippi River.
Season 1: Episode 3            
Hiking for Healing            
we join a group of single mom veterans from New York City as they take a weekend camping trip with their families—and in the course of their adventure find a respite from the stresses of military-to-civilian transition.
Season 1: Episode 2            
The Last Great Wilderness            
We take listeners to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is now threatened by oil-drilling.
Season 1: Episode 1            
Can Cider Save The World?            
An in-depth feature story from the embattled Bears Ears National Monument, a radio diary from two members of North Carolina’s Lumbee Tribe, and a conversation about heirloom ciders.