5 Outdoor Lifestyle Blogs to Bookmark

Outdoor Blogs to Bookmark

You are sitting on the back porch with a couple of friends, grilling burgers and sipping on cold, hoppy heaven. Naturally, the conversation veers toward the latest outdoor adventures. One friend seems to know it all. He’s informing you about the latest Everest news, regaling you with romantic tales of a guy who spent a year living in a van, and showing you the coolest video of mountain biking through the fjords of Norway. Where is he getting all of this? Bookmark the following sites to become the omnicsient adventurer and get inspired for your next escapade.

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal sets the standard for adventure blogs. Founded by the well-respected Steve Casimiro, Adventure Journal is the first site I visit after getting out of bed. Casimiro achieves with pen what David Attenbourgh does with his voice, captivating the audience with passion and sincerity, and then providing them with exactly what they need to know about the latest in the outdoor industry. To be humored and informed, check out posts such as the 8 Best Long-Haul Backpacking Trails or the 17 Best Bad Reviews of National Parks on Yelp. For a daily dose of adventurous inspiration, click on the Video of the Day page, where for five minutes you can be transported from your cubicle to the deadly Khumbu Icefall on Everest, or face off with two wrestling grizzlies.

The Morning Fresh

The musings of young climber and adventurer Katie Bouѐ, a blogger on The Morning Fresh, will leave anyone smiling. Bouѐ delights readers with stories of climbing, food and adventure. She recently finished a year of living in a van and climbing in vertical hot spots throughout the west, like Hueco Tanks and Joshua Tree National Park. Readers reap the rewards of her adventures with posts like A Comprehensive Guide to Climbing Shoes, which is a great resource for any budding climber. Also check out her beta on the Hueco Tanks Rock Ranch and her beautiful Photographic Look at Red River Gorge. Between blogging, gear testing for Columbia Sportswear and contributing featured content for Sierra Trading Post, Bouѐ is currently writing a book about her yearlong trip.

The Joy Trip Project

The Joy Trip Project focuses on interviews with artists and filmmakers to help viewers understand the minds behind the lenses and pastels. A unique highlight of this blog is its collection of podcasts. Plug-in while cooking dinner and be transported to exotic landscapes by the voices of Ken Burns and Alex Honnold. Founder James Mills said he, “Writes about adventurers and athletes, but also tells the stories of artists and activists who share their experiences as compelling narratives that inspire others and make the world a better place.” Each podcast also features tracks from independent musicians like Jake Shimabukuro, whose dynamic ukulele mixes effortlessly with stories of climbing the world’s tallest peaks.


Semi-Rad is the blog I wish I had started years ago. Now in its third year, the blog is the conception of Brendan Leonard, an Outdoor Research sponsored climber who has lived in his van since 2011. On his blog, he will make you feel foolish for carrying a heavy duty climbing carabiner on your day pack, or make you laugh with tips on how to make any scenic photo a #Selfie. He also delivers, in his professional dirtbag opinion, the best coffee shops in the Western United States, and he graciously provides a cure for those of us addicted to bike porn. Through wit, humor and a bit of self-deprecation, Leonard’s work speaks to the casual adventurer in everyone.

The Adventure Blog

To stay updated on and amazed by the latest extreme adventures, The Adventure Blog is the site to visit. Frelance writer and world traveler Kraig Becker has a series titled Himalaya: 2014 containing all the latest info about the climbing season on the world’s tallest peaks. He also posts crazy videos, including GoPro footage from a downhill mountain bike race and a diver that is almost swallowed by a whale. Becker says he hopes his blog, “shows people the amazing things that others are doing, but also inspires them to get outside and find adventures of their own.”


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