5 Bike Blogs to Read Before You Ride

National Bike Month

Whether you use your bicycle for commuting or outdoor adventures, there’s always time to read up on your favorite mode of transport. May is National Bike Month and if you haven’t been converted to the tao of biking one of these five pieces will help.

New Styles for Fashionable Cyclists - For riders that want something functional, but a little more stylish than Spandex, this post highlights some cutting edge clothes. Reflective shirt dresses, ride-ready pencil skirts and patterned helmets may make up the commuter couture of tomorrow.

Wearable Bike Planter4 Cool Bike Accessories - With warm weather comes more biking, so personalize your two-wheeler with a miniature bike planter or a mobile library. Check out the wine rack or beer holder for some summer picnic preparations.

6 Must-Have Resources for Cyclists - From buying advice to tips for traversing the trails, this post rounds up the crucial information for those dipping their toes into bike culture. Take the fear out of the gear and dive right in.

How to Save the World with Two Wheels - You’ve considered commuting to work via bicycle, but you haven’t made that commitment. Read this Q&A with Bikenomics author Elly Blue to learn about the social and economic benefits of pedal-power. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

This Will Make You Ride Your Bike More - Want to know the secret to upping your mileage? Look no further. Paul Rauber tells you how to utilize your odometer to the max.

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