• President Barack Obama just signed a proclamation designating the San Gabriel Mountains our newest national monument.
  • It has been over 40 years since the Clean Air Act was created, so why is our air is still unsafe to breathe?
  • A new report out from the world's climate experts makes it undeniably clear that we still have the chance.
  • On Veterans Day -- and for several days leading up to and after Veterans Day -- we celebrate those women and men who have served their country in uniform.

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    Thank President Obama for historic climate action!
    President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China announced a historic joint plan to curb climate pollution, setting the stage for an international agreement on climate change next year. Send President Obama a message thanking him for acting on climate!
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    Just say no to receipts in fast food restaurants--especially if you've used a hand sanitizer--to avoid absorbing or ingesting high amounts...
    Let's imagine that we feed Fido a pound of prime rib every day . . .


    Ladybugs mating
    Sierra sat down with Jules Howard, author of new book Sex on Earth, for a totally serious conversation about animal sex.
    Let's imagine that we feed Fido a pound of prime rib every day . . .
    What a difference a week makes. This morning we awoke to the news that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have negotiated a...

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