• White House tries to force a national realignment away from renewable energy back to fossil fuels
  • On Tuesday night the Senate passed a resolution that literally allows people to kill baby wild animals.
  • On April 29 we are calling on everyone to join us for a massive march to bring our demands to the streets of Washington, D.C. Sign up for the march in Washington D.C. or find a sister march near you.
  • If confirmed, he would serve on the Court for decades, possibly putting the environment, as well as other top issues, at risk for generations.
  • This Earth Day we’re celebrating Every Corner of the World! Create a fundraising page and join our nationwide trek on April 22—it can be a neighborhood walk, a stroll through your local park, or an urban hike.
  • Looking for a getaway? We've got 300+ ideas for you.

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    In northern Atascosa County, just a few miles south of San Antonio, sits 2,000 acres of beautiful ancient oak tree forest. The area has a...
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    This afternoon, Donald Trump signed an executive order to start abolishing several key Obama-era actions tackling the climate crisis and...
    Michael Brune
    Donald Trump has launched an all-out attack on clean air, clean water, clean energy, public lands, and our climate. 


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