• Legislation to advance approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline failed to gather sixty votes in the Senate.
  • It has been over 40 years since the Clean Air Act was created, so why is our air is still unsafe to breathe?
  • A new report out from the world's climate experts makes it undeniably clear that we still have the chance.
  • Enter Sierra magazine's Rehab Your Gear Sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Canyonlands!
  • The Sierra Club encourages a switch to electric cars and solar power in partnership with SunPower and Ford .

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    Protect America's Arctic Ocean from gas and oil drilling once and for all!
    Tell the Obama administration to protect America's Arctic Ocean and say "no" once and for all to Big Oil's plans to drill for oil and gas in this pristine environment.
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    We are the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.


    There are lots to choose from--and lots more to choose against.
    don't buy more stuff you don't need
    Don't buy more stuff you don't need.


    The environmental impact of a tossed cigarette butt.
    If you encounter a rampant moose, simply duck behind a tree or boulder
    Make yourself look big? Play dead? Run? We've got your wildlife defense poses covered.


    The Sierra Club Board of Directors just met with volunteer leaders from chapters across the country for one of our most important...
    Last night, President Obama announced that he will use his executive authority to take the first significant steps toward fixing what has...

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