• The Sierra Club is proud to support Native American allies who are trying to protect their water and ancestral lands from the dangerous Dakota Access oil pipeline.
  • Sierra magazine's annual list. These are the colleges working hardest to protect the planet in 2016.
  • Our interactive map shows more than 400 of these polluting projects across 48 states.
  • Looking for a National Park Service 100th anniversary T-shirt, national park notecards, a classic Sierra Club stainless steel camping cup, or other gear? We've got it!
  • Looking for a getaway? We've got 300+ ideas for you.

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    15 ways to conserve outdoor water use—without sacrificing the beauty of your home garden
    Lost or abandoned traps, nets, and fishing lines keep on killing fish and marine mammals


    The Department of the Interior wants 10-year-olds to get off the screen and get into a national park
    New Film "Deepwater Horizon" brings the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster, and oil workers’s dangerous work, to the big screen
    Michael Brune
    The Greater Yellowstone area now supports, it's believed, about 700 grizzlies. Whatever the exact number, the bears are definitely in...


    October 1, 2016 to October 7, 2016
    Hike through history on the scenic trails of the Catskills as leaves begin to turn brilliant shades of gold and red. We'll visit one...
    October 1, 2016
    The Sierra Club Military Outdoors program invites all veterans, active duty and reserve personnel to participate in an outing at one of the...
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