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Chapter Excom



My name is Katrina Ceceri. I am 18 years old and live in East Haddam, CT.  I attend Eastern CT State University where I study Business Administration with a minor in Fashion and Costume Design. There, I am a part of the Outdoors Club which allows me to hike around Connecticut and spread the importance of being outside and connecting with the nature around you.


I am also the Public Relations Director for the Vegan Club where we discuss how veganism affects our health, the environment, and animals while also eating yummy vegan snacks!  When I discovered how severely animal agriculture affected the environment going vegan was a no brainer for me.  I have always been passionate about preserving the environment because I was taught how important it is by my father when I was very young.


We always recycled and participated in as many bottle and can drives as we could.  I was always curious as to why we owned 11 acres of land, but had only cleared less than 2 and he explained to me how clearing land impacted the surrounding areas and how trees contributed to the well being of the Earth. As I’ve gotten older my passion continues to grow and I hope to inspire others to become self-aware of their presence and impact on the world and the environment.




Hi, I’m Lori Fernand and I hope you will support me for the Executive Committee of the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club. As you know, the mission of the Sierra Club is more critical today than ever. Unprecedented change is underway. The existence of our species, and the millions more with which we share this planet, rests on how we respond to the challenges we face today. I want to be part of the Sierra Club’s efforts to ensure that future and a quality of life worth living. 


Throughout my professional career I have worked in the nonprofit arena and for various elected officials. I served as a researcher on an Academy Award winning film, worked alongside a Nobel Peace prize winner, and as the Connecticut Director of Philanthropy for a national conservation organization. I was the environmental deputy for a California congressman and a fundraiser for a California assembly member. Some of my volunteer efforts include the Simsbury Recycling Committee, Secretary of the Simsbury Democratic Town Committee, and facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project. In 2015, I was elected to the Simsbury Board of Assessment Appeals. My greatest joy is joining with other people to do great things-whether that be with a small group of friends or a community of thousands. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Communications and master’s degree in Behavioral Science from California State University at Dominguez Hills. I recently completed a Certificate in Global Affairs at New York University.


After growing up in Danbury, I left Connecticut for 26 years. Twelve years ago, I returned with my husband and children to be closer to my large extended family and the woods I remember from my childhood. We settled in West Simsbury with a trailhead at the bottom of our driveway leading to over 400 acres of protected open space and miles of trails. I want to be part of the Sierra Club’s efforts to protect this natural legacy I have been so lucky to enjoy.   




Ann Gadwah lives in New Hartford Connecticut. She has a B.A. in History from the University of Massachusetts and a M.A. in Education from the University of Connecticut. Her passion has always been for helping humanity and protecting the planet. This passion led her to various positions in education, into volunteer work for the community, and to become a member of the Sierra Club. Recently she has been called to volunteer work in political campaigns and as a community activist. She has volunteered in the 2016 Presidential campaign, organized rallies in the community including the Torrington Equality March for Unity and Pride and Northwest CT Stands with Standing Rock, and put together various petitions for local and national politicians. She is currently volunteering for the Democratic Town Committee in her hometown. Her passion for the environment and commitment to clean energy and a healthy planet has brought her to the CT Chapter of the Sierra Club.






Martha Klein began to volunteer with the Connecticut Chapter in 2014. She is now Chapter Chair, Communications Chair, leader of the Beyond Gas Campaign, and also served a two year term as delegate to the Council of Club Leaders. As Chair, her goals are to develop the Chapter's finances, conservation campaign activity, volunteer base and leadership capacity. Since 2014, Martha has worked on the transition away from fossil fuel dependence to a renewable energy economy, specifically by building a campaign against fracked gas, the fossil fuel whose use is being increased in our state. Martha is a leader of the campaign to Save Remington Woods, along with the Friends of Remington Woods, a CT Chapter Committee. 


Martha has been a nurse for 30 years with a background in public health. When she is not fighting pipelines or learning about preserving open space, Martha works part time doing private duty home care, serves on her town's Conservation Commission, enjoys hiking, skiing, swimming, and creating wildlife habitat on her property in Norfolk. She would welcome the opportunity to serve the CT Chapter for the remainder of her term as Chair. 



Angel Serrano is a junior at Goodwin College majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Health and a minor in Business. He is passionate about his education and hopes to apply the knowledge he gains into advocating for policies to support the sustainability movement. Angel has a strong interest in politics, and its effects on society. He plans to pursue a Masters in Public Policy, and combine knowledge of the law and the environment in order to fight for the transformation of our communities and businesses into sustainable ones. Angel lives in Hartford. 


He is an experienced citizen lobbyist and has engaged in legislative advocacy with the Legislative Team. Angel can bring legislative savvy, environmental knowledge and friendly relationships with Hartford politicians to the Connecticut Chapter, and will be an asset to the Chapter's legislative committee. 


Hartford Group Excom

Rick Haeseler

I grew up and lived in CT until my family and I moved to Missouri in 1993. In MO  I was a member of the Chapter CONSCOM and EXCOM, also Political Chair. We returned to CT in 2009 and I currently am Vice Chair of both the Greater Hartford Group and the Chapter Political Committee. My prime concerns are:

-Endorsement and election of environmentally strong candidates.
-Offering more varied activities to increase member involvement.
-Creative fundraising to make up for National Sierra Club funding cuts.
I’d like to bring my point of view to the EXCOM and I’d appreciate your support.

Nancy Potvin: I have been a member of Sierra Club since 2007 with an interest in land conservation and wildlife protection.  I also belong to the Manchester Land Conservation Trust. 

Renee Taylor
Dennis Lockwood