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Endangered/threatened species of South Florida
Climate change and its impacts on South Florida

Florida Wildlife Needs You

If you are a wild animal living on a planet with human beings who are changing your living area, your home, your habitat, there is very little you can do to protect yourself. But as a human being there is a lot you can do to make sure our animal neighbors survive in health and safety. 

In Florida, 39 resident forms of wildlife are listed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as either endangered or threatened. This means that some day, there could be none of them left at all. Follow our links and learn more. 

Florida Key Deer

Florida Black Bear

West Indian manatee

Educational Resources

This section provides information and links to resources about environmental issues affecting South Florida. 

If you are a student doing research, a teacher looking for resources or someone who just wants to learn more, it is our hope that we can lead you to the information you seek, educate you, and begin or continue your interest in these topics. 

Links to external websites are provided for your convenience. 

The views expressed on these external websites do not necessarily reflect those of the Miami Group, Florida Chapter or Sierra Club. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website; however, it is always better to verify information using multiple sources.

Endangered/threatened species of South Florida

News about Endangered/Threatened Species

Background Information - Species and Ecosystems

Background Information - Changes in Ecosystems

Background Information - Extinct, Endangered and Threatened Species

More information on ecosystems 

Lists of Endangered or Threatened Species

Why endangered/threatened species should matter to you 

Climate Change in Miami

Climate change and its impacts on South Florida

Background information - Definitions

Background information - Greenhouse effect and global warming

Background information - Factors that can cause climate change, evidence for climate change in Earth's past

Background information - Possible impacts of climate change

Background information - Ways to minimize the impacts of climate change

Environmental Education Providers of Miami-Dade County (EEP)

 Environmental Educators of Miami-Dade

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