Sierra Club Climate Adaptation and Restoration Team

Empowering Sierra Club activists engaged in climate adaptation and carbon drawdown campaigns at all levels of the Club. The purpose of our Team is to empower Sierra Club activists engaged in climate change adaptation and carbon drawdown campaigns at local, regional, and national levels while promoting principles of social justice and equity. The Sierra Club has been a successful leader in climate change mitigation through its very effective campaigns to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Those efforts must continue support global efforts to avoid potentially catastrophic results of runaway global warming. Reducing emissions will not be enough, however. We must also implement strategies to remove carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere and ocean and pursue climate change adaptation strategies to prevent or reduce loss of lives, property, and the health of ecosystems.

In addition to implementing climate adaptation and carbon drawdown strategies, however, we must also implement Restoration strategies at global, regional, and local levels. Restoration at the global level means reducing the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO ) to less than 350 parts per million (ppm), which would equal about 1.0°C warming by 2100 . The Sierra Club Climate Resilience Policy  adopts this target as necessary to protect life on Earth as we have known it, to avoid major climate disruption, and begin to restore the climate. Restoration at regional and local levels means restoring ecosystems which may have been adversely impacted by climate impacts. Where global warming has altered the nature of ecosystems, such as causing northward migration of forests and forest ecosystems, Restoration means restoring ecosystem services, such as water purification, which may have been human activities.

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