National Marine Team

The Oceans are Essential to Life 

The oceans are fundamental to the planet's health, acting as the Earth's life support system. They play a pivotal role in regulating the global climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus mitigating the impacts of climate change. Oceans also generate the majority of the oxygen we breathe through the photosynthesis of marine plants and algae. They influence weather patterns and temperatures worldwide, ensuring the sustenance of diverse ecosystems and human societies. Furthermore, oceans are a critical source of biodiversity, from coral reefs to kelp forests to the deep sea, providing habitat to countless species, many of which are yet to be understood fully. Through these multifaceted roles, the oceans maintain the environmental balance essential for the survival of life on Earth, highlighting the imperative to protect and preserve these vast, yet vulnerable, aquatic systems.

The Sierra Club National Marine Team is composed of 9 voting core members authorized to act on behalf of the Sierra Club on marine issues that involve federal legislation, rules, or proposed actions by federal agencies affecting more than one chapter. We are tasked with developing policies on issues of marine conservation, providing input and commentary on national marine policy, lobbying, and outreach. Our team members reside in and represent major coastal regions of the United States, including the West Coast, Hawaii, the Gulf states, and the Atlantic Coast.