Cedar Prairie Group



The Cedar Praire Group is looking for YOU! If you are a member of Sierra Club, we would love to have you participate in some of our events or committees when we begin having in person events again,

If you are not a Sierra Club member, we would LOVE to have you join and be part of us. We must work hard to protect our Earth so we can enjoy it.

Our Cedar Praire Group is doing what we can to help the environment -fighting for clean air, clean water, stopping the use of pesticides , encouraging electric cars and solar and wind power. Our motto is Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet. Our Group takes this very seriously and we are working hard to protect so we can explore and enjoy!!

If you have any questions about Sierra Club, what we do, events, how you can join(online at sierraclub.org), what you can do, please contact any of our Executive Committee members. Our information is on the Contact Us page. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you.