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Hi friends,

Our longtime Sierra Club leader, mentor, and friend Jim Redmond passed away on October 16, 2022. 

We will truly miss his leadership, passion, and unique kindness. 




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2020 Memories Photo Album

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures for this project. If you're just now discovering this but wish to contribute, please feel free to join the fun by emailing your pictures to Jeanne at nwiasierragroup@gmail.com.

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So many stories were shared that we started a second album in order to give them the honor they deserve!

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Sierra Club's Northwest Iowa Group is based in Sioux City, Iowa, and includes Lyon, Osceola, Sioux, O'Brien, Plymouth, Cherokee, Buena Vista, Woodbury, Ida, Sac, Monona, Crawford, and Harrison counties.  Everyone is welcome and invited to participate.

The group is led by an Executive Committee:

Carrie Radloff - Chair. Chapter Delegate.

Eric Wissing - Vice-Chair. Alternate Chapter Delegate.

David Hoferer - Secretary. Also serves on the Iowa Chapter ExCom.

Jeanne Bockholt -Treasurer Outreach. Webmaster.

Bob Fritzmeier - Conservation Chair

Linda Santi - Political Chair and Legislative Chair.

Rex Rundquist 

 Click to download a pdf of our group bylaws.

Northwest Iowa Group's history: 

For more than forty years, the Northwest Iowa Group of Sierra Club has actively explored, enjoyed, and protected some of the most interesting landscapes in Iowa and surrounding states. The Loess Hills run parallel to the once-wide Missouri River, and provides a climate and a soil where native prairies can flourish. Sioux City residents can look at the surrounding hills and thank them for preserving native prairies that elsewhere disappeared under the plow a hundred years ago. State parks, county parks, and city trails offer opportunities to hike in these hills.

Our group campaigns against industrial and agricultural projects that threaten our way of life, including carbon dioxide pipelines, tar sands oil pipelines, an oil refinery that was proposed just across the river, and confined animal feeding operations that threaten our waters.

We celebrate the multigenerational qualities of our Sierra Group, watching children grow up, go out into the world, and then return to share their work and research. We continue to develop a social and spiritual connection to area sovereign tribes; their love of the earth alerts us to threats to Mother Earth. The biodiversity of the local grasslands is reflected in our engagement with the indigenous peoples we work beside.

Just as the Army Corps of Engineers threatened and destroyed Indian communities in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s by building the nation's largest reservoir system, our natural communities have been stressed by the loss of habitat and shoreline development. 

Sierra is not alone in exploring our region, educating our young people, and sharing the fun of our unique area. Other environmental organizations bring a healthy synergy as our allies to help us all succeed in protecting our people and the natural world around us.


Working alongside our neighbors, businesses, government, nonprofits, and other like-minded groups, we actively share our commitment to explore, enjoy, and protect the vast beauty of our region. Your membership supports your local group. Please join Sierra Club today! 


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Siouxland Public Media spoke with Northwest Iowa Group ExCom members Carrie Radloff and David Hoferer. Listen here: 

Carrie's: https://www.kwit.org/post/impact-covid-19-earth-day-and-environment

David's: https://www.kwit.org/term/david-hoferer



Establishing an interpretive garden
of native prairie plants 

Featuring a native prairie plants interpretive garden within the central residential area of Sioux City is an ongoing project spearheaded by members of the Loess Hills Wild Ones and the Northwest Iowa Group of Sierra Club. Graciously offering to supply a perfect spot for our endeavor, Michelle Bakke, visionary of the newly established Agape Community Garden, shares our quest to allow neighbors to experience what fun can be found in raising food for the table, along with supplying food for our birds and insects. 
The following pictures depict a few of us adding two kiosks to our portion of the garden. Planted in 2018, the bounty offered to insects is immediately realized! 2020 is set for a doubling of plantings! (Please browse the Youth and Diversity tab to see activities hosted at the garden in 2019.)



VolunteerSiouxland Billboard Campaign winner, our Chair, Carrie Radloff!

So, why did so many people vote for Carrie Radloff during the Volunteer Siouxland Billboard Contest? Here are just a few reasons:

She currently serves as Chair of the Northwest Iowa Group of Sierra Club. She has helped us immensely in organization, research, communication, and outreach. We’ve worked with Carrie for about five years on various environmental efforts in our area. She helped us develop our community outreach and strives to create mutually beneficial connections.

Carrie is driven to help make good things happen, and has a pleasant temperament and humorous honesty that makes her the first person we turn to for help for so many things. That she offers her time and skills with no material reward shows her true motivations lie in working for the greater good.

She applied these strong leadership qualities to her roles with the Sioux City Environmental Advisory Board, Loess Hills Wild Ones, and many other endeavors close to her heart.





 "Volunteers are Beyond Measure!"

Dawn Snyder bestowed the "Friend of Conservation 2015" award to Jim Redmond,
at The Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center's Awards and Volunteer Dinner.
Sierra member Rosie Kuehne was recognized as "Conservation Educator."