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 Tell the PSC we need a just transition to clean, renewable energy now.




Around Brandywine and Waldorf, we have a cluster of gas-fired power plants, a coal ash landfill, and a Superfund site nearby at Joint Base Andrews. Is this fair?

On Nov. 4, 2020, the Public Service Commission will hold a hearing about a request to amend the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for yet another power plant—the Panda MattawomanPlant, just east of Route 5 and just south of Brandywine Road. Approved in 2015, this 990 megawatt plant would be the fourth power plant within an 8 mile radius. It would be fueled by natural gas piped in from Charles County. The new pipeline would pass adjacent to and through parts of Cedarville State Forest (a favorite spot for hikers, bikers, hunters, birders and campers) near the fish hatchery that produces fish to stock Maryland waters, including American shad, hickory shad, striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and rainbow trout.  The construction process would require “dewatering” or temporarily removing water from the shallow, water table portions of the aquifer in the Zekiah Swamp and Mattawoman Creek watersheds. Get the details about the proposed dewatering here  and see more about the adverse social and environmental impacts of the planned power plant at

The issue currently before the PSC is about temporary dewatering to enable pipeline construction, but the larger picture includes

  • Adding yet another source of air pollution in community with more than its share of air and water pollution
  • Enabling emission of more greenhouse gases as climate change accelerates
  • Risks of methane leaks and explosions
  • Proximity to an elementary school
  • More availability and lower cost of renewable energy 
  • Less need for this additional capacity from fossil fuels
  • Watershed disruption affects both Prince George's County and Charles County
  • Degradation of air and water quality in Prince George's, Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Counties (pollution doesn't recognize borders!)

The Public Service Commission needs to know that Prince George’s County residents oppose disruption of sensitive habitats on public lands to build unneeded fossil fuel infrastructure in a mostly-African American community already overburdened with air and water pollution. Let the PSC know that you want to see a just transition to clean, renewable energy now—not another gas pipeline to a new power plant.

In communicating with PSC, include reference to Mattawoman Energy Center, LLC, Case No. 9330(ML# 231832) request for Amendment of CPCN. You can

  1. Use the Contact PSC NOW Action Alert to send a quick immediate response before Nov. 2
  2. Sign up to speak in the virtual meeting on Nov. 4 by emailing before Noon on Tuesday, Nov. 3
  3. Send your more detailed comments through the PSC e-file system before Noon on Monday, Nov. 2.

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