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  2023 Fall newsletter

  • Elections 2024-2025 - Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Plastic Pollution Requires a Solution!  What you can do.
  • Styrofoam Recycling
  • Book Review: Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard
  • Crossroads supports Michigan Chapter

2023 Spring/Summer newsletter

  • Crossroads’ Balloonfest Refreshment Stand
  • Crossroad Group Service Award
  • Harvest the Sun: Michigan’s Bright Opportunity
  • Battery Recycling – Why & Where?
  • Join the Team - Experience the Rewards

2022 Fall newsletter

  • Elections 2023-2024 - Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Line 5 Call to Action
  • Get to Know Our Crossroads Sierra Club Endorsed Candidates Before You Vote
  • Tribar and Polluter Pay Laws
  • Remembering Dan Minock
  • Crossroads Supports Eagle Scout Project

2022 Spring/Summer newsletter

  • It’s Back! The Balloonfest Lemonade Stand
  • 2022 Redistricting Implications for Crossroads
  • Fighting the Asphalt Plants
  • Wanted: Green Social Media Enthusiast
  • Research: Seas May Face Most Cataclysmic Extinction in 250 Million Years

Fall 2021 newsletter

  • Elections - Sierra Club Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Encourage Restaurants to Use Sustainable Practices
  • Keeping Up With Crossroads
  • Meet a Local Activist!
  • Book review: Underland; A Deep Time Journey
  • "The Overstory" Presents a Tree’s Point of View

Winter 2021 newsletter

  • Environmental Justice: Its Time has Come
  • Your Crossroads Leadership Team
  • Crossroads Leaders Earn Awards
  • Let's "Carry Out" a Cleaner Environment
  • Our Changing Climate Art Show
  • Conservation Update (PFAS, Line 5, President Biden climate actions)
  • Thank you! (to volunteers for the election)

Fall 2020 newsletter

  • Elections - Sierra Club Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Gravel Mining: Health Concerns, Environmental Issues, and the Real Story Behind SB431
  • The Biggest Election of Our Lifetime (get involved)!
  • Say NO Thank You to Single Use Plastics
  • Introducing EcoHV
  • Crossroads Under Covid
  • Sierra Club Opposes Changes to State Conservation Law

Winter 2020 newsletter

  • Let's Help All Michiganders Envision a Prosperous, Green Economy
  • Our Changing Climate Art Show
  • Solar Energy Legislative Update
  • 12 Benefits of Hiking
  • Upcoming Outings and Programs

Fall 2019 newsletter

  • Elections - Sierra Club Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Treasurer Report – Lemonade Stand
  • Recycle Livingston
  • Join Us for a Positive Climate Action Event
  • Use Your Give Crossroads a Hand

Spring/Summer 2019 newsletter

  • Help Adopt the Livingston County Transportation Plan!
  • Congresswoman Slotkin Listens
  • Kenaf: Nature's Carbon-Capturing Fiber
  • PFAS information card/insert

Winter 2019 newsletter

  • Hiking for Happiness
  • PFAS in the Environment and Your Health
  • Political Roundup
  • An Outstanding Outings Year for Crossroads Group

Fall 2018 newsletter

  • Elections - Sierra Club Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Sierra Club Endorses Two Statewide Ballot Proposals
  • Sierra Club Candidate Endorsements
  • Line 5 Fate to Be Decided Soon, How to Take Action
  • Livingston County Master Plan
  • What are PFAS chemicals and have we been exposed?
  • Preparing for November 6: Informative Public Programs

Spring/Summer 2018 newsletter

  • Help End Gerrymandering in Michigan
  • Crossroads Group Meets with 8th District Congressional Candidates
  • Handy Township will likely be site of 750-1200 MW natural gas fired power plant
  • It’s Happening…the Livingston Area Environment Coalition!

Winter 2018 newsletter

  • Sierra Club’s “Growing for Change” Efforts Emphasize Equity, Justice and Inclusion
  • Crossroads Group Chair Wins Chapter Award!
  • A Cure for the Winter Blues
  • Pigs Should Be Allowed to Squeal
  • Transparency in Government: You Can Help!

Fall 2017 newsletter

  • Elections - Sierra Club Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Coming Together
  • Conservation Committee Update
  • Serving Our Community with Crossroads
  • 50th Anniversary of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

Spring/Summer 2017 newsletter

  • Conservation Issues Updates
  • Roundup: Not as Safe as Monsanto Claims
  • Building Bridges

Winter 2017 newsletter

Fall 2016 newsletter

Spring/Summer 2016 newsletter

Winter 2016 newsletter

  • Elections - Sierra Club Crossroads Group Executive Committee Members
  • Michigan Ban Fracking ballot initiative resumes collecting signatures
  • Remembering Gerry Neumeier
  • A Cure for the Winter Blues
  • Putnam Township Ballot Initiative
  • Effort to Shut Down Line Five
  • Crossroads Group Conservation Committee

Fall 2015 newsletter

  • Michigan Sierra Club Supports a Ban on Fracking
  • The Dangers of Common Chemicals
  • Keeping Up With Crossroads
  • Detroit March for Justice 2015
  • ET Rover Go Home

Spring/Summer 2015 newsletter

Winter 2015 newsletter

Fall 2014 newsletter

Spring/Summer 2014 newsletter

Winter 2014 newsletter

Fall 2013 newsletter

Spring/Summer 2013 newsletter

Winter 2013 newsletter

Fall 2012 newsletter