Growing Green

Growing Green  is a grassroots movement of Sierra Club Greater Grand Rapids.... 

reaching out to our community and encouraging natural lawns & native gardens for our neighborhoods!

We are promoting safe & sustainable earth friendly practices, that eliminate the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

We advocate creating organic, biodiverse living green spaces that are healthy for people, pets, pollinators & the planet.

 flower on grass

There are 3 areas of concern in tackling Lawn Pollution problems:

 1) Carbon Emissions from Gas Powered lawn equipment. 

This contributes to toxic greenhouse gases and to the heating of our planet, not to mention the cost of gas and the noise pollution! Preferred is a push mower, electric, battery powered or solar mower. Alternatively, have less grass & plant a native wildflower garden, a woodland garden or rain garden. 

 2) Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers.

These contribute to nutrient run-off and also are derived from petrochemical resources. Preferred are organic fertilizers or natural compost teas that actually feed the soils bio-organisms. Try a soil test to determine your lawn's nutrient needs and make soil amendments along with changing your methods. 

 3) Toxic Pesticides. (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) 

These poison our yards and are the cause of health problems (like Cancer or ADHD) among people, (especially children) pets & wildlife as well as contamination to our air, water & earth.There are more natural product alternatives on the market as much better and safer solutions to your pest problems.

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