Local Links

St. Louis region and Missouri environmental/conservation links.
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Bike Katy Trail
Katy trail resources.

Brightside St. Louis
A comprehensive not-for-profit cleaning and greening initiative, enriches and beautifies St. Louis by restoring the community landscape.

Butterfly House
See butterflies around you.

Center for Plant Conservation
Devoted to preventing the extinction of America's threatened flora

EarthWays Center
EarthWays Home showcase energy efficiency, recycled products, and waste reduction.

Gateway Greening
Community gardening

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center
Legal Services to protect the environment

Great Rivers Greenway
One of the largest park and recreation districts in the country.

Great Rivers Habitat Alliance
Dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the floodplain

The Green Center
26 acre Ruth Park Woods, 1/2 acre wetland, 1/2 acre prairie, gardens, arboretum.

Greenway Network
Encouraging sound use of natural resources and green space in St. Charles County

The International Center for Tropical Biology
Promotes research and education in tropical biology

Friends of LaBarque Creek Watershed 
Protecting a high-quality Ozark stream in northwest Jefferson County.

La Vista Community Supported Garden
Share harvest with local farmers - membership commitment

Lewis and Clark Discovery Expedition of St. Charles

Missouri Botanical Garden
Come see the flowers

Missouri Coalition for the Environment
Activism for the environment

Missouri Department of Conservation, St. Louis Regional Office
Protects and manages fish, forest, and and wildlife resources of the state.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Preserves, protects, and enhances Missouri's natural, cultural, and energy resources

Missouri Environmental Fund
Fundraising and awareness building for 36 Missouri environmental organizations.

Missouri Master Naturalist Program
Engages Missourians in the stewardship of our state's natural resources

Missouri Prairie Foundation
Works to protect and restore prairie and native grasslands communities

Missouri Scenic Rivers Resource Page

Missouri Mycological Society
Study and enjoyment of mushrooms with forays, meetings, and education focused on fungi

Missouri State Public Interest Research Group
Research and advocacy for environmental and other public interest issues.

Missouri Votes Conservation
Advocates for the environment through legislative channels

Monteverde Conservation League
Administers Children's Eternal Rain Forest in Costa Rica

Piasa Palisades Group of Sierra Club
Meets in Alton

The Nature Conservancy - Missouri Chapter
Committed to the preservation of ecologically significant areas

The North American Butterfly Association - St. Louis
Promotes recreational butterflying

The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region
Land trusts, clean stream

The Ozark Trail Association
Develop, maintain, preserve, protect, promote the Ozark Trail

The River des Peres Watershed Coalition
Improve and protect the River des Peres

Scenic Missouri
Preserves and enhances the scenic beauty of Missouri

St. Louis Audubon Society
Conserves and restores natural ecosystems, focusing on birds.

St. Louis Children's Aquarium
Aquatic exhibits

St. Louis Rainforest Advocates
Protecting tropical forests worldwide

St. Louis University Department of Biology (Biodiversity and Conservation)
Research and education in biodiversity and conservation

St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District of St. Louis County
Provides technical assistance for wise use of soil, water, and other natural resources

St. Louis Zoo
Conservation, exhibits

Dedicated to creating trails, encouraging bicycling, walking.

Tyson Research Center
A 2,000-acre field station providing opportunities for environmental research, preservation, and education 

Wild Canid Research Center
Wolf sanctuary and research.

Webster Groves Nature Study Society
Amateur naturalists interested in plants, insects, birds of St. Louis area.

Wildlife Center of Missouri
Wildlife medical care and rehabilitation

The World Bird Sanctuary
Preserving the future of the world's wild birds