The Oklahoma Chapter of Sierra Club has a long history of engaging in political issues and election politics, and 2020 is no different. Whether it is the work that our PAC does to work with candidates, or the simple act of informing voters about key issues, we invite you to become engaged with us in Oklahoma politics. But more than anything else, we simply ask you to get registered and VOTE November 3rd.

Use Sierra Club's Election Center to check your voter registration status, make a plan to vote, and see which Sierra Club endorsed candidates are on your ballot: sc.org/vote


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How Sierra Club Helps Green Candidates Win


Oklahoma Sierra Club is the only environmental group in that state that researches and endorses candidates for office. Sierra Club prepares an annual Legislative Scorecard which assigns a letter grade to each Oklahoma senator and representative based on their votes on key environmental issues. Legislators must score A’s or B’s to be considered for Sierra Club endorsement during election years. Some “green” legislators do not have races, so, therefore, do not need Sierra Club’s endorsement.

Sierra Club’s Chapter Political Committee prepares a survey focused on key environmental issues for candidates without voting records who want endorsements. Candidates complete the surveys and are notified if they are approved for endorsement. The Chapter Political Committee accepts and distributes donations to candidates. Sierra Club members volunteer for our endorsed candidates’ political campaigns. 

Chapter Political Committee members are: Ann Bornholdt, Mark Derichsweiler, Susie Derichsweiler, Pennie Embrey, Larry Shepard, Barbara VanHanken and Charles Wesner.


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