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The Sierra Club is a dedicated grassroots environmental organization inspired by and pursuing John Muir’s goals: to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the Earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the Earth’s ecosystems and resources; and to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment. The Sierra Club Moshannon Group serves eleven counties in Pennsylvania: Bedford, Blair, Cameron, Center, Clearfield, Elk, Huntington, Jefferson, Juniata, McKean and Mifflin Counties.

Action Alerts

Pennsylvania Grade Crude Development Advisory Council (CDAC) Meeting Oct 12, 10am-4pm, State College

Pennsylvania is failing to protect citizens from the health risks associated with VOC’s form conventional oil and gas sources, road spreading of radioactive waste and more. And this is because the committee that works with the DEP and PA legislators on policy and regulations governing conventional oil and gas extraction is comprised almost entirely of mature, male, oil and gas executives. Only 1 female, a legislator sits on the CDAC board.  The CDAC board is not representative of the population of Pennsylvania.

CDAC members don’t serve the public they serve themselves.

It’s seems easy for these oil and gas executives to meet quarterly and continue to influence policy and legislation that potentially negatively impacts marginalized, vulnerable communities, disproportionately.

The CDAC board is looking for solutions that would provide options to dispose of their radioactive waste.

They expressed interest in trying to get the  ban on road-spreading of their residual waste lifted and PA legislators agreed to help them!  The creation of billions of gallons of radioactive waste is the industries Achilles heel. And we can’t let these oil and gas executives, along with several sympathetic legislators decide where Pennsylvania’s next sacrifice zone will be.

In response to CDAC’s requests for waste disposal options, Pennsylvania DEP is considering seeking primacy for injection wells; currently an injection well requires an EPA permit in addition to a permit authorized bythe DEP. This would stream-line the injection well permitting proces

There will be a public comment period at the beginning of the CDAC meetings, however very few and sometimes no citizens attend and offer public comments during the public comment period.

Their influence over policy and legislation threaten the health and safety of Pennsylvanians. The oil and gas industry is not only harming the environment by contaminating soil, air and water. The emissions from the oil and gas sector have caused irreversible effects on the climate. And it’s going to continue to worsen if we continue to allow the old boys club to continue to influence policy and regulations.

Please consider attending the next meeting where CDAC will discuss:

  • VOC’s from the conventional oil and gas wells.
  • Road spreading of brine to get rid of their radioactive waste.
  • Conventional oil and gas well bonding
  • IIJA well plugging progress and more!

Tabling - Outdoor Adventure Expo in Bellefonte - May 21, 2023

tabling_bellefonte outdoor adventure expo

Earth Day - a fun watershed cleanup on the river with SCMG 2023.

Earth day 2023 pics and captions
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