Mendocino Group

The Sierra Club Mendocino Group is part of the Redwood Chapter, and is made up of Sierra Club members who live in Mendocino County. The Sierra Club is a grass­roots, volunteer-­led organization. 

The Mendocino Group is concerned with keeping the Mendocino County coastine (the longest of any county in California) wild and free in addition to monitoring county wide issues.  These include the maintenance and restoration of Coho Salmon populations, protecting wetlands, preserving Old Growth Forests and Pygmy Forests, and ensuring the rural nature of Mendocino County, which provides a quality of life necessary for all creatures.  

Please contact our Group directly for additional information. 

Mendocino County Group
P.O. Box 522 Mendocino 95460

If you’re interested in volunteering, please use this link provided by the Redwood Chapter. 
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