Greening Affordable Rental Properties


The Greening Project is an effort to increase energy efficiency, encourage renewable energy and regenerative landscaping to mitigate the climate crisis in multifamily homes while improving health and quality of life. 



  • Provide community educational energy efficiency workshops and distribute energy efficiency devices

  • Educate residential multifamily owners on information needed to install/use solar for multifamily housing including financial incentives such as IRA

  • Provide regenerative gardening guidance for renters and multifamily owners to sequester carbon and provide cooling spaces


Solar Energy 

Solar energy is a good choice for renewable energy in South Carolina and one that is a top priority in the Greening Affordable Rental Properties Project. Our current focus is providing resources to people who are interested in implementing solar in Winnsboro and surrounding Fairfield County in their multifamily complexes. We provide education on the newest resources of the IRA like tax credits, grants, and state rebates.

Our most current document including funding information for your multifamily solar will be posted here soon! 

Energy Efficiency Devices

Energy burdens, especially in the south, rise with every coming year. Energy efficiency retrofits and devices can be unattainable for those with very low income. Energy efficiency education might lapse due to lack of internet access in rural areas. One solution to this is the distribution of energy efficiency devices to low income groups. quoted up to a 50% reduction on utility bills through the use of energy efficiency devices like LED bulbs, smart power strips, door sweeps, and  other weatherization tools. This is especially important in multi-family housing to allow for financial freedom reducing food insecurity, increasing quality of life and economic status. With limited time to access IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) and IIJA (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) funding, this is a crucial time to make these smart changes as an owner or resident.

Energy Efficiency Device Education

The Greening Project team is working to create a comprehensive curriculum of energy efficiency education for residents in multi-family housing. Optimal use of these devices along with efficiency habits build the foundation for a lower energy bill. For example, smart power strips reduce the energy usage by using less power when a device or appliance is not plugged in. They also reduce the risk of a power surge damaging your personal items. Distribution and education on energy efficiency devices makes a significant improvement in the home. 


Energy Efficiency workshop information will be made available here soon. Check back for updates. 

Sustainable Gardening

Organic and sustainable gardening is the term we use to describe one without pesticides or pollutants with low management techniques. Protecting soil health and maximizing carbon sequestration is a top priority. We advocate for water catchment systems, composting, companion and native planting. The food grown has a doubly rewarding use in the home and for the environment. We provide general education for residents and organizations in building their own organic, sustainable gardens. 


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