Important Contacts, Committees, Administration

General Correspondence:

Note: Please use the general correspondence email to contact committee members. 

Past Meeting Minutes of the Sierra Club - Austin Group's Executive Committee can be reviewed here. 

ASC Executive Committee ( EXCOM )

Bob Hendricks ( )
Representative to Chapter ExCom 
Bob Hendricks
Conservation Committee 
Dick Kallerman, Transportation Chair  ( )

Bruce Melton, Climate Change Chair ( )

Bob Hendricks, Climate Change Co-Chair

Niles Seldon, Outings Chair 
Kim Dean - Outings Leadership Training Chair
Andrew Harrod, ICO Chair 
Amanda McKeel,   Education and Entertainmet Chair
Thomas Ibis, Young Sierrians Committee Chair
Membership Chair - OPEN
Mauri Rex, Treasurer 
John Yarber, Assistance Treasurer
Programs - Phoebe Allen  ( )
Newsletter - Bruce Melton ( )
Social Media Manager: TBD

Webmaster - John Grzinich