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Current streamflow conditions for major rivers and streams in Wisconsin

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DNR Pike River Access update

Sierra Club members Paul and Laurie Lata owned a cabin on the Pike River for many years.  This spot, at the end of Hardwoods Road, has served as a put-in for RTS members over the years.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources purchased the property from the Lattas and has restored the site to a natural state and it can now be used as a put in for the Pike.

It is highly recommended to use this put in by going down the Lata's old driveway (N15471 Hardwoods Rd) rather than the previously used access site just upstream.  There is still a bit of a drop to the water line but it’s do-able.  As always, it is important to be respectful of the close relationship of these public access areas to the surrounding private lands and landowners.  You can contact Larry Zibell for more information about the Pike River access.

Scouting the Roaring Rapids Section of the Peshtigo River:

Anyone running a trip on the Roaring Rapids section of the Peshtigo River that is planning to scout 5-foot falls or Horserace rapids should contact Wally Klukas in Green Bay prior to the trip to ask permission to scout.  This is all this landowner has ever asked of paddlers and is a small price to pay for the privilege of scouting from his property. This update courtesy of Larry Zibell.


This page last updated 02-03-2016