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Protect Public Lands and Our Climate from Big Coal

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An astonishing 40 percent of all coal produced in the United States comes from public, taxpayer-owned land. The government recently put a hold on new federal coal leases to study the impact that coal mined on public lands has on our climate. This means we have an unprecedented opportunity to push this country towards a clean energy future and away from dirty fuels. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking public comments on the scope of its study looking at how our public lands are used for coal mining.

Send a message --> Tell them it’s time that we keep the coal in the ground and use our public lands to reflect what’s best for our climate and communities.


Send a message --> Tell President Obama to Designate the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument
Tell President Obama to designate the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument as America’s next national monument.

Send a message --> Honoring America’s First National Mammal

Take a moment to thank President Obama and Congress for honoring these iconic and vulnerable creatures and urge them to go one step further by increasing protections for bison.

Send a message --> Protect Utah Parks from Coal Plant Haze

Utah's national parks like Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef are a national treasure, attracting tourists from across the country. So why would we let dirty coal plants dump their pollution on them?

Two dirty coal plants in Central Utah, owned by Rocky Mountain Power and their parent company, Pacificorp, churn out the pollution that threaten our health and contribute to climate change. This same pollution also makes the skies hazy. EPA is currently reviewing how to cut haze in national parks. Tell them to make Rocky Mountain Power clean up!