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Beyond Paris: Support a strong and just Clean Power Plan!

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The EPA is seeking public comments on the Clean Power Plan now and your message will help ensure it is as strong as possible. As we begin to act on the Paris agreement, the Obama Administration needs our support now to get this centerpiece of the plan across the finish line.

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Send a message --> Tell President Obama to protect our coasts from drilling
Five years after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster -- the worst in American history -- the Gulf of Mexico still bears scars from this tragedy. Yet Big Oil is on the verge of getting the green light to drill off our coasts again.

The impacts of the Deepwater Horizon disaster are heartbreaking. Eleven people lost their lives after the drilling rig exploded. In the 87 days that followed, 210 million gallons of crude oil gushed from the ocean floor, harming communities and wildlife throughout the region. Years later, scientists have discovered another environmental consequence -- toxic crude oil from the spill blankets the Gulf floor and is slowly making its way up the food chain. Our communities, fragile coastal ecosystems, wildlife, and climate are too dear to risk again.

Now, Big Oil hopes to drill in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Rather than invite another disaster, President Obama must usher in a new age -- where offshore drilling rigs are relics of the past and clean energy, like offshore wind, is our reality.

Send a message --> Tell Detroit Officials: Water is a human right!

Detroit is in the middle of a major income inequality and public health crisis. Tens of thousands of Detroit residents have been impacted by highly controversial and dangerous water shutoffs. Nearly half of the city's residents are living at or below the poverty line. Meanwhile, Detroit's water rates are almost twice the national average, which means city leaders are asking way too much of people who simply can't afford it.

Many cities have found ways to collect water fees other than cutting off residents to critical water access. Until Mayor Duggan and the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department stop the shutoffs permanently and work together to create an affordability plan, the city's low-income households, children and the elderly will continue to suffer.