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Special Events - see calendar for details

Doubleheader Birthday Party!
Thursday, May 28, 7-9 PM
The Sierra Club is 123 years old on May 28, and this is the 50th anniversary of the Grand Canyon Chapter. Join our celebration!  We will meet at the Highlands Center to share birthday cake, refreshments, and recollections of Sierra Club historical campaigns - both successes and failures. This bit of  history demonstrates the importance of a healthy and active advocacy by the Sierra Club national, regional, and local groups. Speakers feature past-President Richard Cellarius, Chapter Director Sandy Bahr, and Group Chair Gary Beverly. We will display historical posters of past campaigns and enjoy the company of fellow environmentalists.

Verde River Day Hikes: April -May  Download schedule.


Urgent Issues


Protect the Grand Canyon!  Your opinion is needed NOW!!
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is threatened by a proposed expansion (at US taxpayer expense) of the Tusayan Airport to benefit a mega-development by foreign investors. The  Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff newspaper) published an excellent overview of two serious threats to the Grand Canyon, which you can download.

Please express your opinion on the airport expansion by attending the ADOT public hearing on May 15, 9 AM at the Chino Valley Council chambers ( See Calendar for Details).   Once again, the state of Arizona tells us that it is strapped for cash but wants to spend $2.3 million of state and local dollars – and $22.8 million of federal dollars – to dig more wells at and bring bigger jets to Grand Canyon National Park Airport. The plan will bring more noise, pollution, night lighting, and water depletion to the rim of Grand Canyon. Please speak up on this issue! You can email or participate in a public hearing. Tell the Arizona Department of Transportation to invest our money in things that will benefit all of us, such as bike lanes and mass transit, instead of subsidizing foreign investors. Download talking points.

Please express your opinion on the proposed road  to access Tusayan Mega-development across Kaibab National Forest.
Sign the petition!
The Arizona Daily Sun has published an excellent summary of the controversy.  Download summary here. From the article: "A battle is brewing over five miles of dirt road curving away from the town of Tusayan barely a half-dozen miles from the Grand Canyon's South Rim. It began in earnest last July when the town of Tusayan filed a request with the Forest Service for roadway and utility easements on two forest roads. Although easement requests tend to be a common and routine procedure for the Forest Service, this one is different. The Forest Service roads provide the only possible access to two parcels that are owned by Stilo Development Group, the Italian company seeking to build thousands of homes and millions of square feet of commercial space on a total of about 350 acres outside of town. Without Forest Service permission to improve the roads and install utilities, many say the development would likely be halted, or at least severely crippled."

The scoping process for the town of Tusayan's roadway and utility easement application will run through June 2. To submit a comment online visit Kaibab National Forest website or email your comments with "Tusayan Roadway Easements" in the subject line.

Please ask President Obama to issue a declaration to protect Grand Canyon's watershed as a national monument. It's easy - just sign this letter.

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