We are the CNRCC

Sierra Club California's Conservation Committee

Inspired by nature, we work together,
To explore, enjoy, and protect our communities and the planet.  


Sierra Club California is a special entity within the Club, representing the thirteen separate chapters of California, determining and acting on state-wide issues.   Collaborating, prioritizing, and planning collectively, representatives from California Chapters meet to develop and oversee state policies, actions and staff.   Individual chapter activities focus more regionally, working locally, primarilty at the municpal and county levels.  

Explore this website to learn more about what we're doing, where we're headed, and how you can participate. There are many opportunities for you to engage with us, on issues that you care about.


Our site is a new one, and we expect it to grow, change and develop quickly.   We hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.  

That being said, if you find a broken link, an odd display or simply can't find somehing you think should be here, please let us know.



We thank your for an amazing year.

Let's do even more together in 2016!