Sierra Club's California 30x30 Campaign

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To halt mass extinction of endangered species and the devastation of ecologically important natural systems, it’s crucial that we take definitive steps to preserve our wild lands and waters. 30x30 is a global movement aimed at preserving 30% of lands and water by 2030, with the broader goal of protecting "half earth", or 50% of lands and water by 2050. 30x30's conservation efforts are necessary to address the growing impacts of the climate crisis, and preserve our water, air, and natural areas across the country.

Sierra Club chapters across the U.S. support this crucial campaign in their own unique and distinct ways. In late 2020, Governor Newsom released a landmark, first of its kind Executive Order on Biodiversity and Climate Change designed to utilize California lands to fight climate change, conserve biodiversity and boost climate resilience (Executive Order N-82-20 (EO)). The EO directed California state agencies to advance strategies to conserve at least 30 percent of California’s land and waters by 2030.

The California 30x30 Campaign is a partnership of Sierra Club California, volunteers from the Sierra Club Grassroots Network, and the Our Wild America campaign. Sierra Club's statewide footprint and vast array of volunteers and staff makes us uniquely positioned to support this vital effort. We are also part of a statewide coalition of environmental groups across the state working to advance conservation, equity, and access.

The Sierra Club California 30x30 Task Force, led jointly by staff and volunteers from across the state, are working to:

  • CREATE A STATEWIDE, GRASSROOTS NETWORK OF CONSERVATION CAMPAIGNS by engaging our vast and varied membership, networks, and expertise to develop collaborative, locally driven conservation visions and wins for each region in California that help achieve 30x30 goals.
  • BUILD POLITICAL POWER FOR 30x30 by organizing our members and the public to influence the implementation of the state’s 30x30 Executive Order and build demand for our statewide network of grassroots conservation campaigns.
  • BUILD A MORE INCLUSIVE AND JUST MOVEMENT FOR CONSERVATION by investing in 30x30 as a long-term opportunity to transform the conservation movement into being more just and equitable. We will do this by building relationships and partnerships with and in support of communities most impacted by loss of nature, pollution, environmental racism, and exclusion by the conservation movement. We will work to center and uplift the priorities of frontline communities, Tribal Nations and Indigenous peoples, and economically disadvantaged communities.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with Sierra Club California’s 30x30 Campaign, please sign up below:

Everyone is welcome to join. You don't need to have previous advocacy experience. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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