Labor and Economic Justice Program

Photo by Brooke Anderson. Unions March for Climate Justice

The Sierra Club has a long history of solidarity with the labor and economic justice movements.  We work with labor because we're stronger together.  We need millions of working families to help us end climate disruption and build a clean energy economy that works for all. 

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About our Labor and Economic Justice Program

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Labor Program and the Clean Power Plan

The Sierra Club’s "Clean Power Plan for Healthy Communities" is leveraging the EPA's Clean Power Plan State Implementation Plan process to support strong and equitable carbon targets, to provide quality clean energy careers for people who need them, to protect front line communities from becoming co-pollutant hot spots, and to foster the health and livelihoods of communities and working families that have depended on the coal industry for jobs.
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Labor Program and the People's Climate Movement

Unions and economic justice organizations are helping lead the People’s Climate Movement, fighting for economic and racial justice in a clean energy economy that works for everybody, not just the 1%.
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Fair and Just Transition from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy

The Sierra Club is fighting for a fair and just transition to a clean energy economy that works for working people. Although the transition from dirty fuels to clean energy will create far more jobs than are lost, we must not ask workers and communities who have helped power our country to bear the burden of changes that will benefit everybody. The Sierra Club is particularly focused on working with our partners to drive sustainable investment and job creation in regions, like Appalachia, where the coal industry has abused and abandoned the land, air, water and people.
Sierra Club members march for Living Wages on a Living Planet, Berkeley Fight for $15 rally

Living Wages on a Living Planet: Fighting Together for a Just Democracy, Economy and Climate

The Sierra Club and our partners in labor are building a broad, diverse and powerful movement for economic justice, democracy and environmental sustainability.
Sierra Club President Aaron Mair

Labor Program and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Sierra Club’s Labor and Economic Justice Program strongly supports the Club’s contemporary commitment to building a powerful, diverse, equitable and inclusive "movement of movements." In the famous words of the Club's founder John Muir, "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." Today, we can't pick out the transition to the 100 percent clean energy economy from the struggle for economic, racial and gender equity.
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Workers, Communities and the Clean Energy Economy: Working Together for a Future that Works

In advance of the 2014 Good Jobs Green Jobs conference, the Sierra Club released a new report, “Workers, Communities, and th