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Alaska: Alaska Chapter
Alabama: Alabama Chapter
Arkansas: Arkansas Chapter
California: Angeles Chapter
California: Kern-Kaweah Chapter
California: Loma Prieta Chapter
California: Los Padres Chapter
California: Mother Lode Chapter
California: Redwood Chapter
California: San Diego Chapter
California: San Gorgonio Chapter
California: Santa Lucia Chapter
California: Tehipite Chapter
California: Ventana Chapter
Connecticut: Connecticut Chapter
District Of Columbia: Washington DC Chapter
Delaware: Delaware Chapter
Florida: Florida Chapter
Georgia: Georgia Chapter
Hawaii: Hawaii Chapter
Iowa: Iowa Chapter
Idaho: Idaho Chapter
Illinois: Illinois Chapter
Indiana: Hoosier Chapter
Kansas: Kansas Chapter
Kentucky: Cumberland Chapter
Louisiana: Delta Chapter
Massachusetts: Massachusetts Chapter
Maryland: Maryland Chapter
Maine: Maine Chapter
Michigan: Michigan Chapter
Minnesota: North Star Chapter
Missouri: Missouri Chapter
Mississippi: Mississippi Chapter
Montana: Montana Chapter
North Carolina: North Carolina Chapter
North Dakota: Dacotah Chapter
Nebraska: Nebraska Chapter
New Jersey: New Jersey Chapter
New Mexico: Rio Grande Chapter
Nevada: Toiyabe Chapter
New York: Atlantic Chapter
Ohio: Ohio Chapter
Oklahoma: Oklahoma Chapter
Oregon: Oregon Chapter
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Chapter
Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Chapter
Rhode Island: Rhode Island Chapter
South Carolina: South Carolina Chapter
South Dakota: South Dakota Chapter
Tennessee: Tennessee Chapter
Utah: Utah Chapter
Virginia: Virginia Chapter
Vermont: Vermont Chapter
West Virginia: West Virginia Chapter
Wyoming: Wyoming Chapter
Colorado is split. Some want to ban fracking, some want to frack more.