Nuclear Free Future

A nuclear power plant

The Sierra Club remains unequivocally opposed to nuclear energy. Although nuclear plants have been in operation for less than 60 years, we now have seen three serious disasters. Tragically, it took a horrific disaster in Japan to remind the world that none of the fundamental problems with nuclear power have ever been addressed.

Besides reactor safety, both nuclear proliferation and the required long-term storage of nuclear waste (which remains lethal for more than 100,000 years) make nuclear power a uniquely dangerous energy technology for humanity.  Nuclear is no solution to Climate Change and every dollar spent on nuclear is one less dollar spent on truly safe, affordable and renewable energy sources.  Help us work to phase out nuclear as quickly as possible.

Summit Agenda

We have put together four days of intense educational disscussions and forums, followed by planning and action setting. Some of country's best activists and experts on all nuclear issues will be present. . We hope lots of Sierrans will join us to help plan for a nuclear free future!!

Reading Materials for Summit

 We have compiled a list of reading materials for our attendees and other members to educate and inform on the topics we will be discussing during the Summit. These links are in leiu of paper handouts, which are expensive and wasteful. Please take time to read up on these important subjects. 

Summit for a Nuclear Free Future - Nov 14-17, 2014 DC area

 We cannot attain a clean, safe, renewable energy future with nuclear power in the mix. Nuclear power is too expensive, too dangerous, and unsuited for a water hungry, climate warming world.

High Level Nuclear Waste: Some of the Deadliest Stuff on Earth

For decades, concerned citizens and environmental activists have worried about what would happen with the deadly and long lived waste created by the fissioning of uranium. Today, in 2014, we are not a single step closer in solving that problem.

Low Level Radioactive Waste - Still Dangerous, Dirty and Expensive

Low Level Waste does not mean low risk. Every radioactive isotope created in a nuclear reactor, including plutonium and other deadly radionuclides, is present in so called "low level" waste. It is only allowed to be called that because it is low concentrations.

The Front End of the Nuclear Cycle

Uranium is one of the 4 Horsemen of the Dirty Fuels Apocolypse, along with coal, oil and gas. Uranium mining has contaminated large areas of the SW United States, and many other areas worldwide.

Retire Old Dirty Dangerous Nukes NOW!

Old nuclear power plants are dirty, dangerous and heavy water users. Many sit in areas that are more densely populated than when they were built. Almost all are leaking tritium and other radionuclides into the groundwater and adjoining rivers.


New nuclear plants are proving to be just as expensive, water dependent, and potentially dangerous as the old ones. Plus, every dollar spent on new nuclear is a dollar not spent on renewables and energy efficiency. Help us fight any attempt to renew interest in nuclear power plants.

Small Modular Reactors? No Thanks!

Since large nuclear power plants are proving problematic for the same reasons they were in 80s-90s, some pro-nuclear interests are trying to fund and promote a new generation of mini-nukes. In this case, smaller is not better, and really no solution to anything.

Why Nuclear Power Worsens Climate Change

Many important people in the climate change movement mistakenly believe we need nuclear to combat the increase in green house gasses.  We do not believe that is the case. Here is our fact sheet that gives an overview of why nuclear is not a good solution to climate change.