Earthquakes are shakin’ the state of Oklahoma -- 585 in 2014 with magnitudes of 3.0 or greater, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. In fact, we’re #1 -- the state with the most significant shakers in the U.S. -- tripling the number in the second highest state, California.

Compare that to an average of 1-3 earthquakes per year from 1975 to 2008 before the yearly total jumped to 20 in 2009 and continued to rapidly rise each year after that.

Oklahoma Sierra Club believes that increased earthquake activity threatens Oklahomans’ health, safety, individual and business property, and public infrastructure (schools, roads, bridges, dams, public utilities). We are unprepared for environmental disasters that will occur if earthquakes rupture aging and hastily constructioned pipelines transporting toxic tar sands, traditional oil and natural gas across Oklahoma.


Here’s what you can do about earthquakes.

1)    Feel the earth shake? Report that quake! 

U.S. Geological Survey: Look for the “Real-Time” window on the left. Select “Did you feel it?”

Oklahoma Geological Survey: Look for “Quick Links” on the left. Select “Report Feeling an Oklahoma Earthquake.”

2)    Ask Governor Mary Fallin to “Fight Quakes!” Sign and send this petition to the Oklahoma Sierra Club at P.O. Box 60644 Oklahoma City, OK 73146 

3)    Address the earthquake issue through lobbying and engaging the state Legislature. Oklahoma Sierra Club maintains a Legislative Committee to help with this effort. To stay tuned in to the legislative issues we are working on, please visit the Legislative section of our website, and sign up to receive our Legislative Alerts.

4)    Find out more about earthquakes.

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Oklahoma Sierra Club Fracking Policy