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What kids are saying about ICO!

Klamath Rafting One
You hear a lot from us about what our programming is doing here at Sierra Club Outdors, so today, we figured we'd let you know about what our participants think of the programming!

-I had such a great time, the volunteers are so great! I'm so thankful for this experience I wouldn't have had otherwise
-This trip added onto my "wilderness" experience. The bee's were mean, the hygiene system was so luxurious, and the rafting was adventurous. At the very beginning, I was soooo excited to swim and get with one with  nature. Now, it's the fourth day and I just want a nice shower. I learned how to be independent, strong, and courageous. 
p.s. I can finally take off "jumping off a waterfall" out of my bucket list.
-So my experience ICO was awesome!!! I got to do things that I probably will never do again, thank you so so much!!!!!! Honestly one of the best experiences I ever had. I learned so many new things about the river and nature, sleeping outside and having to go to the bathroom without the technology of a toilet. It was hot but we got through the heat; It was really great. The hike to the waterfall was the hardest for me but worth the beautiful and refreshing experience of the waterfall.
-My experience at ICO was great. It was something new that I've never done before. It was a great experience because I got to experience something new. The hike was my favorite because it was beautiful!! Despite the heat, no bathrooms, no showers and mosquito. I really enjoy being so close to nature. A lot of the people were also really nice, except the iodine water.
-My experience at ICO was AMAZING! I love the people, the river, and the bonding. I truly enjoyed every moment!! The beauty of nature truly impacted me to go out in the wilderness & just have a great time. I thank the volunteers from the bottom of my heart, they inspire me to  become one of them. :)
-I enjoyed everything and everyone. LOL. Anyways, the waterfall was truly amazing. It was something I've never seen. It will be a great memory. Even though, it was a long trip it was totally worth it. It was great meeting new people. The stars at night were amazing. The time on the river was EPIC! This trip has inspired me to be more spontaneous and adventurous. I really hope I could become a guide. It was cool to see two of our friends (Fernando and Ricardo) guide us. ICO is awesome and I can't wait to come on another trip.
Love, Peace, and Sunshine
-I'm not going to lie. I have gone rafting before but the other trips do not compare to this one. I have enjoyed myself to the max. Sleeping under the stars, next to the river was fun. Also glad you got to taste my cooking, hope you all enjoyed it. I want to help plan the next trip, and also I have made a lot more friends. Thanks for everything.
-I have gone on many rafting trips. This one was by far the best. I had an amazing time. From the guides, to the food, even the GROOVER! (Not really, that was weird) but I really really loved it. 
-At this rafting trip, I had an awesome time. I enjoyed everything we did like camping, rafting, eating, and just getting to know new people. I felt kind of weird to go to the bathroom ha it was akward....Hope I come he with you guys next year. THANK YOU!!! for everything and your help.
-KIPP student =)
-Yo. This was great, living as a big family, helping each other, taking responsibilities for all of our own needs, watching each others backs, and being productive members of society. What really made this trip was the talk of ageism or classism. We all helped out, made each other more comfortable and we learned and taught. This trip, I discovered my own ability to help someone get past a challenge just outside her comfort zone. She was nervous on one log crossing coming back from the waterfall. I was able to talk her through it and after she thanked me for my help. ICO is family.