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The Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) is a broad network of high school and college-aged youth from across the country working to protect the environment. Our mission is simple: "to train, empower, and organize youth to run effective campaigns that result in tangible environmental victories and that develop leaders for the environmental movement." With more than 13,000 students and 250 groups nationwide, the SSC develops environmental leaders through our award-winning grassroots trainings programs and works to maximize our campus-based effectiveness through the creation and maintenance of state and regional networks of high school and college students.

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Seize the Grid campaign

Seize the Grid Campaign

Through the Sierra Student Coalition’s Seize the Grid Campaign, young people can lead a transformative movement that dramatically increases clean energy in this country.

This past Sunday, I came home after spending a week at this year’s Midwest “Sprog” (Summer Grassroots Organizing Training) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before Sprog, I had the desire to create change, but was unsure on how to really do it. In the past, I focused on a multitude of environmental projects at the same time, all focused on different issues. However, Sprog was an empowering moment because I learned the skills to begin designing my own campaign. 

Sierra Student Coalition Executive Committee Candidates 2015-2016

The Executive Committee (ExCom) is the central seven-person elected body that governs our youth-run organization.

Figuring out how to face up to utility monopolies and government leaders is daunting, especially for people still in high school, but there’s no reason why we have to do it alone. In the face of a threat to the future of solar in Utah, I worked with a local advocacy group, Utah Clean Energy, to make sure our policymakers knew that young people want a clean energy future.

Growing up in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, I witnessed the effects of climate change and pollution directly. Every year, I saw tides of the Miles River creep closer and closer to my doorstep; I witnessed shorelines being washed away; I sat and listened as teachers, skipjacks, and waterman talked about the number of dead zones in the Bay rising, and the number of oysters diminishing; and I watched defenselessly as the unique cultures of Smith, Tangier, and Poplar Island progressively wash away. I knew there needed to be change, and Loyola’s campus seemed like a good place to start.
The Michigan State University Spartan Sierra Club kicked off on April 23rd- we will fight for clean energy through our Administration’s not-so-perfect environmental history. We will push our Administration and energy provider, Consumer’s Energy, to move to at least 50% renewables by 2020.
On Earth Day 2015, G.L.A.D.E.S., an environmental club at Florida International University, held a photo petition, collecting visions for a better future. We asked people to write their vision on a post-it and took pictures. We emphasized visions for a transition to renewable energy, but allowed people to write anything they wanted.
#SeizetheGrid is a campaign to leverage campus’ energy purchasing power to transform the energy market for clean energy.