San Jose Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors is a community outreach program that provides opportunities for urban youth and adults to explore, enjoy and protect the natural world.

Why have San Jose ICO?

ICO volunteers believe that the wilderness exists as a resource for everyone and that all people should have access to it. With the guidance of ICO volunteers, participants discover the beauty of wild lands and how to enjoy these areas without harming them. Young people learn valuable survival skills and strengthen their abilities to face challenges, both inside and outside their urban environments. Through active involvement with nature, the ICO program increases participant's environmental awareness. Interpersonal skills and self esteem develop as a natural result of teamwork and an active relationship with the outdoors.

 Who forms San Jose ICO?

  • Volunteers

    We are a 100% percent volunteer organization. ICO leaders are certified and specially trained in recreational, outdoor, and safety skills.

  • Youth

    ICO participants are urban youth of diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Agencies/Schools

    We currently work with the following agencies:

 Where are San Jose ICO events?

Our outings currently consist of day hikes, mountain biking, sea kayaking, camping, and backpacking outings throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. Activities are tailored to the interests of each group.

 When are San Jose ICO events?

  • Outings

    Outings occur primarily on the weekends several times a month. Check our calendar for more details.

  • Orientations

    Orientations will be given to new volunteers prior to the business meeting at 7:00 pm once during the quarter. Check our volunteering page for more details.

  • Training

    Leadership training will be provided by the San Jose ICO on an annual basis in order to certify new active leaders. Check our volunteering for more details.

 How to get involved with San Jose ICO

  • Becoming a Volunteer

    To become an ICO Volunteer, check out our volunteering page for information about our requirements.

  • Supporting ICO

    The Inspiring Connections Outings program is made possible by its volunteers who give generously of their time and skills, and by donations of money and equipment from friends and supporters. Financial support from foundations, corporations, and individuals is always needed and appreciated. All cash donations are tax deductible through the Sierra Club Foundation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Check our donating page for details on how you can help and our calendar & news page to find out who has helped us.