Q.  Can I attend a meeting to meet volunteers and find out more?
A.  Yes. SJICO holds quarterly Volunteering Orientation, the first Tuesday of every 4 month. For more information, email Bob Segalla at segallab@yahoo.com.


 Q.  Can I attend an SJICO Outing as a Guest to see if I like it?

A.  Yes — Absolutely! Please see the SJICO Outing Guest Participant Guidelines.


Q.  Can I donate equipment to SJICO?
A.  Yes! Email Scott Lindberg at livetoski72@yahoo.com.


Q.  Can I volunteer with ICO even if I don't want to work with youth?
A.  Yes! We have many administrative functions that need support, such as: website support, fundraising, publicity and equipment maintenance and management. Email Scott Lindberg at livetoski72@yahoo.com for more details.


Q.  What do I need to do to become an SJICO Trip Leader?
A.  Requirements for becoming an SJICO Trip Leader:

  1. Complete the ICO Leader Application Form.
  2. Complete the SJICO Leader Training.
  3. Complete CPR and Wilderness First Aid Training.
  4. Complete CARP (Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention) yearly.
  5. Read the Sierra Club Outing Leader Handbook and the ICO Leader Handbook.
  6. Be competent in the skills needed for the activities involved on an outing.
  7. Have a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of ICO volunteers, agency staff, and the participants involved.
  8. Serve as an Assistant Leader on at least two SJICO outings.
  9. Be approved by delegated SJICO officers. Outing skills and qualification, and the ability to relate to trip participants will be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the local ICO program chair or other designated officers. The local chair will submit criteria for approval of ICO leader to the ICO National Chair and ICO National Coordinator in the annual report.


Q.  What requirements do I have to meet to become a full-fledged Volunteer on an SJICO Outing?
A.  In order to become a SJICO volunteer, you must complete the following:

  1. Maintain current membership in the Sierra Club
  2. Attend the New Volunteer Orientation
  3. Complete the ICO Application, Volunteer Agreement, and Code of Ethics
  4. Submit to a DMV and background check. Renewal needed every 4 years.