Sierra Club Local Endorsements--Boulder County

The Sierra Club Colorado's tax exemption status - 501(c)(4) - allows us to make endorsements for candidates and ballot measures.


2023 Candidate endorsements

City of Boulder endorsements

For Mayor of Boulder: Aaron Brockett

For Boulder City Council: Taishya Adams, Waylon Lewis, Ryan Schuchard, and Tara Winer



Sierra Club evaluates candidate environmental record and platform for endorsement decisions.



2023 Ballot Initiative endorsements

Boulder County Ballot Issue 1A – Open Space Sales and Use Tax Extension and Revenue Change. YES

This ballot issue proposes a 15-year extension of existing 0.05% open space sales and use tax for the purposes of acquiring, improving, managing, and maintaining open space lands.


Boulder County Issue 1B – Affordable and Attainable Sales and Use Tax Extension and Revenue Change. YES

This proposal would extend an existing 0.185% countywide sales and use tax for fifteen years for the purposes of funding affordable and attainable housing and related support services within Boulder County.


Nederland Eco Pass Public Improvement District Issue 6A – Resident EcoPass Tax Extension and Revenue Change and Authorization for District to Administer Employer EcoPass Program -- YES