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Sierra Club Boulder County election endorsements 2023


Sierra Club-Indian Peaks Group Political Committee

The mission of the Sierra Club political program is to preserve the environment through nonpartisan grassroots political action. The principal goals of the program are:

  • To elect candidates who will support and promote environmental protection
  • To raise public awareness about environmental issues and elevate the priority of these issues for decision-makers;
  • To encourage Club members and other environmentalist to participate in the political process; 
  • To advance the Club's conservation agenda by building relationships with legislators and other elected officials; and
  • To strengthen the Sierra Club's capacity to elect pro-environment candidates at every level of government.

Ready for 100

See our page devoted to Ready for 100 campaigns for clean energy in Boulder County.

Genetically Modified  Crops

The Boulder County Commissioners should phase out GM crops because the chemicals that get used with GM crops--herbicides, neonicotinoid pesticides, and artificial fertilizers--undermine the health of our pollinators, lands, and waterways. Using herbicides on weeds on Boulder County lands is also a bad idea--these biocides have done immeasurable harm to ecosystems, pollinators and birds, and human health. See more below.



Pollinator Protection

More Information to come!