Broward Group

Welcome to Sierra Club, Broward County style...
Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in America. We know actions speak louder than words. With over 5,000 Broward County members and supporters, we’ve built a local community of volunteers, advocates, and grassroots activists who show up when and where it counts.

Our member volunteers have the tools and resources to make themselves heard in nearly every district in every state across the country. We work with other partner organizations, nonprofits, and campaigns to build a diverse, inclusive movement that represents today’s American public. We know that environmental issues can’t be separated from social justice—because we all breathe the same air and share the same land.

Check our events calendar below for outings and events that might be of interest to you. This country belongs to all of us. Together we can help deepen the movement for a liveable planet, safe communities and a democracy that works for everyone.


Broward Sierra Group Leadership Contacts

Executive Committee Members

Leah Weisburd, Chair
Adriene Barmann
Pat Turpening
Max Goldstein
Sylvia Meyer
Mae Smith
Tiffany Grantham,


Leah Weisburd, Chair
Adriene Barmann, Vice-Chair
Pat Turpening, Secretary
Max Goldstein, Treasurer


Junior Team 
Anagha Iyer, Chair

Sylvia Meyer, Co-Chair
Tiffany Grantham, Co-Chair 
Dan Godston,  Member
Phil Busey, Member

Adriene Barmann, Co-Chair
Max Goldstein, Co-Chair
Alfredo Aguirre, Outings Leader

Linda Thompson Gonzalez Chair.
Susan Steinhauser, Member
Kyle Fisher, Member
Leah Weisburd, Member
Sylvia Meyer, Memberr

Phil Busey, Co-Chair
Pat Turpening, Co-Chair