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Earth Day 2024

Up until midnight on Earth Day, every dollar we raise to protect the planet will be MATCHED $1-for-$1. Your gift will fight the biggest threats to wildlife, public lands, the climate, and more.

Protect public lands from fossil fuel destruction

Congress is debating anti-environment bills that would gut safeguards for millions of acres of public land. We need to fight back now so that more crucial ecosystems are protected.
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Defend vulnerable wildlife like gray wolves

State laws in the Northern Rockies allow hunters to use cruel tactics to kill these imperiled animals. We are fighting to restore critical endangered species protections for wolves.
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Accelerate clean, renewable energy

Fossil fuel corporations are pouring millions of dollars into a misinformation campaign against offshore wind. We are fighting back at the local level and building community support for renewable energy.
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When you donate today, you’ll also get our brand NEW “Explore, Enjoy, Protect” sticker – for free. It’s our way of saying thanks for everything you’re doing to save the planet!

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