Executive Committee Election

Suncoast Group's Executive Committee election will be open November 1 - November 30, 2023

Suncoast Group Members - grab your membership number (in email dated 11/3/2023 or on your annual printed newsletter label) and  VOTE HERE.

Make your voice heard in your Suncoast Group of Sierra Club Florida by voting in our annual Executive Committee (ExCom) election.  The ExCom is our leadership team, setting the local priorities and direction of our group so we can all explore, enjoy and protect our local enviroment. There are five available positions in the upcoming Suncoast Group Executive Committee (ExCom) elections.  You must have your Sierra Club membership number to vote. New Excom members will start their two year term in January 2024. 
INDIVIDUAL BALLOT: VOTE FOR UP TO FIVE (5) CANDIDATES, PLEASE ENTER YOUR INDIVIDUAL MEMBER  NUMBER.   For more information click link in ballot or here for bios on our candidates.
ExCom 5 Candidates 2023



Nominating & Election Committee Approved:  Kira Barrera, Melissa Fultz, Mary Gerken & Lisa Hinton

Call for Leader Nominations - 10/1

Nominating Committee informs current ExComm of Nominees chosen: 10/5

Anyone not chosen by ExComm may qualify to be on the ballot via a petition of 10 current Suncoast Group Sierra Club members submitted by 10/15

Eligible Voter list pull 11/2

Election Open for Voting:  11/1 - 11/30

Vote Count by Election Committee:  Approximately 12/4 via virtual/phone/email meeting, candidates or their representative may attend if desired

2024 Executive Committee will be announced at our Holiday Party on Sunday, December 10 // 2-5 PM at Moccasin Lake Nature Park.