Mobilizing local action to restore a safe and stable climate.

Hello Climate Activists!

The Sierra Club’s CEM Team supports local movements seeking comprehensive, immediate, and sustained actions to restore a safe and stable climate.

We collect and share the most effective climate actions to create the broadest possible impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, maximizing carbon sequestration, and facilitating a just transition to a net zero emissions society.

Communities throughout the world are declaring climate emergencies and forging ahead with local actions. This work is part of a growing global movement calling for bold, transformative change and a new climate culture that accepts the challenge of escalating climate disruption and the call for immediate action. We embrace this global movement and invite you to join us.

Become a member of our team in 2023 to:

If you are interested in helping with any of our upcoming climate-related work, or have ideas for work that you’d like to contribute, please contact Richard Rollins.

We also invite you to subscribe to our discussion list serve at GN-CEM-DISCUSSION. To do so, go to https://lists.sierraclub.org, find the GN-CEM-DISCUSSION list, open the link and then click "subscribe."

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