About Us

Who We Are

The Forests and Climate Team is a Grassroots Network team of volunteers from around the country. We advocate for protecting forests and forest ecosystems on public and private lands.  Specifically, we work to increase protection of forests on federal and public lands, and to improve the stewardship of working forests on private land as climate solutions. 

To achieve these goals we:

  • Support and assist Sierra Club members and entities in implementing the goals and recommendations of the Club's Forest and Forestry Policies.
  • Familiarize Sierra Club members and the general public with the principles and recommendations of the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Manage the Club's membership in the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Promote leadership standards and challenge greenwashing in forestry practices and green building.
  • Provide a forum for state and local chapters to share what they are doing regarding forests and forestry issues in their state.


Team Leaders

Team Chairperson(s)

⦁    Caroline Pufalt

Core Team Voting Members

⦁    Caroline Pufalt
⦁    William Buchholz
⦁    Doris Cellarius
⦁    Scott Hatfield
⦁    Davis Mounger
⦁    Lea Sloan