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The Forests and Climate Team supports the following actions and is asking for your signature on these petitions.  Help us gather support for these actions.  

Stop Clearcutting

Stop Clearcutting is a Grassroots Network campaign working to educate the public, legislators and the governor on the unsustainable practice of clearcutting forests in the Sierra Nevada and the North Coast and to advocate for logging reform legislation.

Join a team

Sierra Club needs volunteers on every front to address our many challenges.  Find the Chapter in your state, the local group in your city, or join a campaign working to protect forests at the national level. 



Personal choices matter in addressing climate change.  

  • Buy 100% recycled content paper products. It takes more energy and water to produce new paper than recycled paper.  Single use tissue products include toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, cards, and stationery.  See a Shoppers Guide to Home Tissue Products.
  • Find FSC certified consumer products. Compared to other forestry practices, FSC prohibits deforestation, protects water quality, limits clearcut size to protect forest ecology, protects rare, threatened and endangered species, protects indigenous peoples' rights, restricts the use of highly hazardous chemicals, and protects rare old-growth and other high conservation value forests.
  • Buy FSC certified paper and printing products.  Paper from an FSC certified forest has a lower environmental impact than paper from other forest sources.
  • There is a vast array of FSC certified holiday gifts to choose from for promoting your values.

Designers and Builders

There are many products and strategies that designers and builders can use to lower the carbon footprint and impact of their projects:

  • Use recycled or repurposed wood.
  • Use products made from alternative bio-based sources, such as bamboo, hemp, cork, straw, cotton or wool.
  • Build with FSC certified wood.  Available items include framing lumber, plywood, siding, decking, doors, windows, paneling, flooring, trim, casework, and many more products. 
  • LEED and other green building rating systems give credit for FSC certified products. They are the most specified green building product in McGraw Hill's database of 60,000 annual project specifications, surpassing even EnergyStar.