Equity, Inclusion, Justice

Idaho Chapter Equity Vision Statement

We are continually striving to be an inclusive organization with staff, volunteers, members, and supporters who are representative of the demographics of the region we work in, which includes BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabilities communities. We are working to build diversified partnerships and authentic, long term relationships with organizations and communities who represent those most impacted by environmental and social injustice. We aim to be an organization that is a force for fundamental progressive change. (crafted by Idaho Chapter Equity Team, adopted by Idaho Chapter Executive Committee on 1/30/21)

Idaho Chapter Equity Values

Outdoors & Activism for All
At the Idaho Sierra Club, we are actively working to create a chapter that is inclusive of all the people of Idaho and that ensures that the outdoors is a safe, accessible place for everyone to enjoy.

Diversity of Perspectives & Frontline Leadership
We value diverse perspectives, and acknowledge the benefit of dialogue and cross-communication that comes from engaging with all members of our community and following the leadership of those most affected by the issues. 

Support for Social Justice Policies & Groups
By actively supporting policies and by collaborating with social justice groups that center BIPOC and other communities, we are committed to doing the work of creating a society that is more equitable, environmentally sustainable, and inclusive.

Sierra Club Equity Values, Principles, & Goals

Sierra Club Equity Values

  • Empathy
  • Just Relationships
  • Self-Transformation

Sierra Club Core Values

Image with all Sierra Club Core Values listed on it

  • Anti-racism: We commit to shifting power away from white supremacy, repairing harm, and ending structural racism.
  • Balance: Our effectiveness comes from committing to caring for ourselves and others.
  • Collaboration: We believe in just relationships that support collective work.
  • Justice: We are accountable for our actions, our work, and how we show up with trust and respect.
  • Transformation: We commit to changing our relationships to power, privilege, and oppression—for ourselves and for the organization.

Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

  1. Be Inclusive
  2. Emphasis on Bottom-Up Organizing
  3. Let People Speak for Themselves
  4. Work Together in Solidarity & Mutuality
  5. Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves
  6. Commitment to Self-Transformation

Sierra Club Equity Goals

  1. Welcoming & Inclusive Organizational Culture
  2. Ongoing Education, Learning, & Skills Development
  3. Goals & Partnerships Built on Foundation of Justice

Visit Sierra Club's Building Power to Win: A Toolkit for Changemakers to learn more.

Mural of Sierra Club "Looking Forward 2021-2025 Policy Vision" with imagery highlighting different equitable policy goals

Indigenous Justice in Idaho

Please read these websites and support the work of these Indigenous-led organizations and Tribal Nations in Idaho: